Lust Haves: Shoes Of Prey Customized Heels

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With sneaker culture at full steam, building the perfect shoe is nearly impossible. Somewhere between Vans Old Skools, Off—White high tops with the tag still on, and whatever the hell snockers are, we all lost our way buying shoes. Enter Shoes Of Prey. This company is the easiest way to find the perfect heels, sneakers, pumps, and everything in between.

Shoes of Prey is an online database of heel lengths, types, colors, materials, shapes, and sizes, and they’re all yours for the picking. While other customizing shoe platforms like Nike ID can allow users to pick from a selections of colors for the swoosh or heel, and even add their name to the back plate, Shoes of Prey make their “customizing” look like picking a door on Wheel of Fortune. Shoes of Prey allows users to literally crate a shoe from head to toe. (Get it?)

The home page of the site does make things easy, or at least offers to, with a range of predesigned heels to use as a starting pad. Maybe you like one version, but would rather it in black—no problem. Maybe you’d prefer these heels be one inch higher or lower, and have a bucks on the angle, that’s why Shoes of Prey is here. While it looks like a vast sea at the outside of things, when you start getting into the nitty gritty design choices that most of us crave when shoe shopping, Shoes or Prey is remarkably easy with images being rendered to swivel and move to any angle for a full view of the finished product.

These shoes are in no way slapped together. Fair warning, they take about two weeks to produce and ship. They’re well worth it, but with the holiday season inbound, plan accordingly. We had a pair made, and went out all Friday night to bars and dance clubs all across town (even through the SoHo cobblestone streets) and they hold up great. These are no novelty product, but rather shoes that should be held alongside any great heels, but with the personal touch that they were built specifically with the wearer in mind.

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