The Charitable Story Behind The Bag All Of Hollywood Is Buzzing About This Holiday Season

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George Esquivel has much to be thankful for and during this holiday season, and is giving back in the way he knows how best—through fashion. The SoCal-based designer as created an initiative to give back with the launch of the Esquivel X Tote, a handcrafted bag with leather detailing that’s on (or will be soon) every celebrity’s holiday wish list. The Esquivel X Tote carries much more than a computer or gear: for every bag pledged through Indiegogo, a family is provided food every weekend for a year.

Esquivel grew up with a father in and out of jail, living in and out of motels without enough food for the whole family. Now a CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund finalist with a successful business making shoes for the likes of Lebron James, Emily Ratajkowski, Channing Tatum, Laura Dern and many more, he wants to support those in need like he once was. With the support of the likes of Dern, Courtney Cox, Sophia Bush, Michelle Monaghan, Finn Whittrock and many more, Esquivel has launched this season’s must-have philanthropic accessory. Here, Esquivel chats with Haute Living about his tote, giving back, and the greatest gift he could possibly give this holiday season.

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Can you tell us about the purpose behind the tote?
With the X Tote, I wanted to do my part to help feed kids and their families. There are so many in need now, whether locally or around the world, and I wanted to have an impact.

What does the X symbol mean?
In the past when I used the X in my designs it was more of an aesthetically cool symbol. As I worked on this bag and really flushed out the meaning of the this project, it became much more than just an X, it became a symbol of a multiplier, a multiplier of food, of love, and of hope.

Is it a coincidence that you also have an X tattoo on your arm?
The X plays a big part in the bag as inspiration as a symbol of a ‘multiplier.’ On my wrist/forearm it has meaning as well, and represents the people in my family – my wife and kids. As my family grows, the Xs will multiply on my arm.

Can you tell us about your involvement with Giving Children Hope? How did you become involved? Why have you stayed involved, and for how long?
I have been involved with GCH for around 8 years now. I was introduced to them when a good friend volunteered at the their facility. I found out that among the many things they do, they support and help kids that are in similar circumstances as I was, when I was growing up. Over the years my immediate and extended family has donated time to fill backpacks, helped in their offices and donated product to help raise funds. For us it has been a family affair.

You’re receiving much support from celebrities on Instagram. Who has been your greatest supporter, and who would you like to see sporting the bag?
Anyone that supports us is a blessing. I don’t think just one person would be the ultimate goal – I would rather love to see thousands and thousands of people rockin the bag!

What is the greatest gift you can give this holiday season? And receive?
In addition to our X Tote, I think some serious spreading of love and compassion to one another, would be a great gift to give and receive.

What is the best way to feel festive in SoCal for the holiday season?
For me, it’s opening our home on Christmas Eve and having friends and family over for a giant potluck and a gift exchange