The Best Cocktail Bars That Also Serve Excellent Food In Las Vegas

The Best Cocktail Bars That Also Serve Excellent Food In Las VegasPhoto Credit: @banditolv

“Let’s grab a drink,” is a very common phrase in Las Vegas. But, not wanting to go uptown or down is also a very common concern for Las Vegans.

Traffic is terrible right now with all the construction and road renovations. You just want to go to a nice local bar up or down the street from where you live to avoid all that never ending mess. And, perhaps you don’t want to go to just any bar. You want to go to a nice one. A cocktail bar where you can dress up a bit, and the place better have food. Right? Because it’s always best to go somewhere where they serve food with their alcohol, here are the best cocktail bars that also serve excellent food in Las Vegas.


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Herbs and Rye has a prohibition era theme that’s really cool. The decor is something out of a speakeasy, or perhaps a place where you’d see Ernest Hemingway drunk-write his next best novel. It’s an intimate space with dimmed lighting that could potentially inspire the writer in you, but aside from the vintage feel and their vintage drinks dating back to 1776, they also offer meats, pastas, flatbreads, soups and salads.




There’s a fancy shmancy Chef owner behind Sparrow + Wolf, a restaurant hiding a premium bar. They offer this helluva drink called “Get Off My Lawn Part 3” made with cognac, amari blend, maple, cherry and cedar bitters. Chef Brian Howard and his 17-year-old career shines. Having worked with the most popular restaurants on The Strip, you bet their three tier “Bento Box” with premium oysters, shellfish, cured meats, terrines and seasonal condiments is as good as it sounds. There’s also the “Campfire Duck” served with foie gras.


When the slogan for SUGARCANE Raw Bar and Grill is, “everyday brunch because every day is weekend in Las Vegas,” you know they know a good drink and a good plate of food. Like their “Kinilaw Kampachi Ceviche” made Filipino style in coconut cane vinegar and citrus with puffed rice.




American Vietnamese food. Doesn’t that make you want to put on your best coat and hit the door running? That’s the cuisine The Black Sheep offers…and their list of drafts and spirits too, of course. You might enjoy their “Spicy Vietnamese Curry Chicken,” braised chicken thigh served with beluga lentils, roasted marble potatoes, and heirloom carrots.


Who has 7 specially-crafted cocktails going for $7 at 7PM? That’s the 777 deal by Alder and Birch. Not that “B” word. “Birch.” Make sure you pronounce it right. Aim for the “Sushi Grade Ahi Tuna” or their “Chilled Wild Baja Prawns”.




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Yes, Bandito Latin Kitchen and Cantina is a restaurant, but with one of the best looking and tasting bars in town. The cocktails at Bandito’s cantina include the “El Guapo Margarita,” which I was told was a must try. Anything Mexican is always a good idea. For starters, here’s a couple of dishes a friend of mine recommends you and I both should try: the “Queso Bandito,” cheese with caramelized onions and roasted peppers and “Pulled Chicken Flautas,” in mole rojo (mo-leh roh-ho) sauce and creamed green salsa.