MTA Launches New Barbara Kruger Artist MetroCards



Hypebeasts, rejoice! In a select number of subway stops, riders looking to pick up a MetroCard will be able to receive the new edition of the MTA’s artist MetroCards, these new ones coming from artist Barbara Kruger. Similar to past iterations of the artist series, these are standard MetroCards that function the same as any standard issued one, with a new, artful back to them.

For her new cards, four subway stops will have one of two different versions of the artist’s patented bold white text on red backgrounds. If this design looks somewhat familiar, its because it has the same white-on-red look that the Supreme MetroCards had a few months back that drew every skater and sneakerhead to wrapped around the stop lines across several subway stations in the city. The versions either say “Whose hopes? Whose fears? Whose values? Whose justice?” or “Who is healed? Who is housed? Who is silent? Who speaks?” The four stops hosting the cards are Queensboro Plaza, Broadway-Lafayette Street, East Broadway, and the B/C 116th Street station.

Kruger is also gaining attention for her work being displayed all across a New York City skate park in the Lower East Side. She’s far from the new face in town, with her work being previously featured on everything from the cover of New York magazine to museum exhibitions. While the new cards will be quick to fly from the machines and into art lovers wallets citywide, they still will cost $6.50 to load the minimum balance onto the new cards upon purchase.