The Vegas Local Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Seeing in Green Valley

The Vegas Local Guide to Green ValleyPhoto Credit: @dueandproper Instagram

Stepping into the world of Green Valley is unlike any other neighborhood in Las Vegas.

I was born in California, but raised in Las Vegas. I know nothing about California, no streets, no freeways, no parks, malls or movie theaters, absolutely nothing except the private elementary school I attended. And still, the moment I pass the first couple of trees in Green Valley it feels like home, like California.


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Residentially I am nowhere near the neighborhood, but find I myself here often. “Why is that?” I’ve wondered. Aside from the familiarity of the unfamiliar, Green Valley is home to The District: the open retail shopping space. Adjacent to that is the Green Valley Ranch Hotel and Casino comprised of its own restaurants, lounges, and a theater.


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Literally drove around for an hour deciding whether the wait was worth it. Drove to The Cracked Egg, then to The District, and back to The Cracked Egg, only to end up back at The District. Green Valley residents did think the 30 minute wait was worth it at 10 in the morning. I on the other hand was hungover from one drink I had called “The Butcher” from the bar listed below.


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“Not a big drinker by nature,” a comment my 19-year-old self would probably laugh at, but it’s true. Listen, pure pressure. Okay? Now, I’m a proud cheap date to get drinks with since cutting alcohol for almost three years. One drink and I’m tapped out. Future boyfriend: you’re welcome. Thing is, when I do want a good drink, a place to sit without having to fork over $1,800, and can wear jeans or a dress with heels or boots, Due and Proper is the spot.