Vacheron Constantin Hits Home Run With Three New Watches

It is not every day that Vacheron Constantin introduces a new model, let alone three! For all of them, the brand found inspiration in the rich past of the brand.

Old (in the hand) meets new (on the wrist)
Old (in the hand) meets new (on the wrist)

The first is Historiques Triple calendrier 1942, inspired by the famed reference 4240, which Vacheron Constantin made in the early 1940’s. This is a stunning full calendar watch, which Vacheron Constantin offers in a 40mm stainless steel case, in two color variations for the calendar functions. It is surprising what a difference a touch of color can bring. The blue brings out the playful side, especially combined with the steel case, while the burgundy turns the watch into a more classical proposition.


The case itself consists out of three rings that are stacked on top of each other, which gives the sides of the case a lot of character. Not that the Historiques Triple calendrier 1942 has to worry about a lack of character, as this is already ensured by the teardrop-shaped lugs and the boxed sapphire crystal.


For the second new watch, we move six years further into time where we find the original inspiration of the Historiques Triple calendrier 1948. Additionally, the functions of the Triple calendrier 1942 does this one feature a moon phase. While it shares the same basic case as its sibling, this one is fitted with different lugs and crafted from 18K pink gold. Another major difference is that this watch is also offered in the same two different color combinations, but each one is limited to only 200 pieces.



Exciting is that for these watches Vacheron Constantin also developed new movements. Caliber 4400 QC powers the Historiques Triple calendrier 1942, while a slightly more complicated version of this movement powers the Historiques Triple calendrier 1948, due to its moon phase. This movement family is completely new, and Vacheron Constantin developed it, of course, in-house. It brings old-school charm with some modern-day convenience, as it is a manual wind movement, but with a generous power reserve of 65 hours. As is a tradition at Vacheron Constantin is also this movement certified with the Geneva Seal.


The third new model is not entirely new, but in fact, a smaller version of the Historiques American 1921, one of the most characteristic watches currently available. For this model, it was sized down from the original size of 40mm down to 36.5mm. This sounds small, but with its cushion shaped case, it still offers a lot of wrist presence and a lot of character. There is even enough space to retain the same movement as in the 40mm version of the Historiques American 1921, so you can still enjoy manual wind caliber 4400 AS, which offers you a power reserve of 65 hours and is certified with the Geneva Seal.