New York Weekend Roundup: Art On Walls, Plates, And Cups

Fall has taken the city by storm with some of the best events for the chilly weather making New Yorkers take to the streets. The days of light lobster rolls and ice cream to cool us off may be behind us, but the new seasonal shifts have brought on some of the best events to heat things up for the weekends to come. Here are some of the best events we sampled this weekend.

Opera Gallery New York’s Retrospective Of André Brasilier

Opera Gallery André Brasilier

Opera Gallery New York has launched a new retrospective of 88-year-old artist Andre Brasilier. After 20 years absent from the New York art scene, the artist who’s work has increased in value by 20% over the last two years, unveiled 40 new works alongside 10 retrospective works from his exceptional private collection.  With his ultimate muse and wife Chantal by his side and other family, the artist celebrated his return to the city with an exhibition that exuded a love for life and a life of love. The exhibit features works with a traditional, organic feel and full of bright colors sure to light any room up as much as it does this new gallery. The exhibit is open until November 12th.

The New York Coffee Festival

Brooklyn Roasting

This weekend brought New Yorkers out from the indoors to the annual coffee festival. The best roasters all came out to feature some of the best in latte art, custom brews, and innovations in technique and method. Together, the event was a massive success with some of the most popular coffeehouses and most independent roasters coming out to show off their new offerings.

Lower East Side’s Pickle Day


Home to the world’s largest pickle festival, New Yorkers flooded Orchard Street yesterday to take in the best brined offerings from around the world. The event featured everything from photo-ops for the whole family, to a competition for the best homemade pickles in the city. Food offerings included the best new flavors and methods in making pickles, chipped picked atop hamburgers, relished pickles across hot dogs, even people chomping into pickles on a stick.