LOUIS XIII’S Ludovic Du Plessis On Maintaining The Brand’s Timeless Excellence

Ludovic du Plessis

Photography by Donnelly Marks. Shot on location at Bagatelle NYC. 

Ludovic du Plessis has a long history in the wine and spirits industry, but his relationship with LOUIS XIII goes much deeper. Passion, pride and honor all reflect the global executive director’s feelings toward LOUIS XIII, as he jovially recites, “Long life to LOUIS XIII, the ultimate experience.” To the cognac executive, sipping on LOUIS XIII is a unique experience in itself, one that allows the clients to tap into centuries-old rich history, indulging in the finest delicacies of life. Here, Haute Living sat down with the spirits connoisseur to talk about the coveted cognac.

HL: LOUIS XIII is one of the most prestigious and centuries-old spirits in the world. What’s your secret to keeping your brand at the top?

LDP: LOUIS XIII was created in 1874, and since day one has remained the ultimate luxury spirit in the industry. It has been on the tables of the kings and queens of our world since the beginning of time and now rests on the tables of the contemporary celebrities. The secret to keeping LOUIS XIII at the top is the fact that it’s a family business—we have a vision and we stick to it. It’s all about heritage, savoir faire and transmission. And it’s about being daring, innovative and visionary. Each decanter of LOUIS XIII is the life achievement of generations of cellar masters, made from fine crystal, mouth-blown by some of the most skilled master craftsmen. LOUIS XIII features exceptional aromas evoking myrrh, honey, dried roses, plum, honeysuckle, cigar box, leather, figs and passion fruit.

HL: How does LOUIS XIII stand out from its competitors in the luxury spirits world?

LDP: I actually do not see our competitors in the wines and spirits world, but more so in the watch and fashion industries, with brands like Berluti, Chanel and Van Cleef. When you drink LOUIS XIII it is memorable because you are drinking the essence of time—and time is the only thing you can’t buy today. We also have a close relationship with our clients—we place them at the heart of everything.

HL: What marketing strategies do you find work best to appeal to your audience?

LDP: There is no marketing at LOUIS XIII. It’s all about terroir, people and time. Terroir: LOUIS XIII is made in cognac from the best of the best―named Cognac Grande Champagne. People: from the winemaker to the brand ambassador, we all share the same passion of craftsmanship—in every city, there is a man or a woman who spreads the good words of LOUIS XIII and engages directly with our clients. Time: Think one century ahead. Each decanter is the life achievement of generations of cellar masters.

HL: This past fall LOUIS XIII debuted its first boutique in Beijing’s upscale SKP shopping center. What success have you seen from the launch of your first brick-and-mortar?

LDP: This is an exciting new departure for LOUIS XIII, a first that goes down in history. With it, LOUIS XIII reaches far beyond the sector of wines and spirits, and asserts its credentials as a true luxury brand in its own right, as an icon, an experience, a French Art de Vivre. This is a tremendous success as it allows us to better know our clients and to gift them the most appropriated experience. It is a huge success. By creating our own boutique and offering more profound client experiences with tailored services, LOUIS XIII is furthering this vision and crafting the future.

HL: How was it to be the first in the spirits world to actually open a boutique?

LDP: A boutique allows us to offer our clients the ultimate retail experience. Whether they are connoisseurs or sensitive to craftsmanship and exception, quality and history, our clients are not merely looking for a product—they want to experience the brand. Wine and spirits brands are not retailers, but we believe that LOUIS XIII, with its unique positioning, has the ability to change the rules of the game in our industry, to resonate beyond cognacs and dialogue directly with its valued clients.