JoJo Gallery Finds The Power Of Water In Soho


New to the New York scene, Israeli artist Yosef Ohayon, better known to the art community as JoJo, recently launched the JoJo Gallery in Soho. The new outpost, located at 456 West Broadway downtown, features a range of the artists works from traditional mediums like painting to the new form of art he’s developed as a signature technique: water sculpture.

Born in Morocco and living the bulk of his life in Tel Aviv, JoJo worked as a farmer near the Dead Sea in Tel Aviv to support his family for over twenty years. As a farmer, he regularly used water pressure to create irrigation systems in the fields. As an artist, he’s reapplied the art of using water pressure to create sculptures shaped by the force of water, and is regarded as the founder and innovator behind this method.


The gallery is a family-run business, too. JoJo’s daughter and son help to run the day-to-day operations while the artist himself continues to work on the next big piece. JoJo has also sold his works across the world in Europe, Australia, Israel, and China. They have been exhibited in several galleries, large hotels, personal residences, and more and the artist has worked extensively with interior design firms. Each piece incorporates a beautiful blend of vibrant color, practical shape, and evoking the balance of nature and man made objects with a natural shape. His unique tactics make each piece a one-of-a-kind conversation starter for any home or gallery, knowing that the artist tiled at the piece with water and brush, yet still feels organic and natural in both contemporary and traditional designs. By brandishing a new trail with his art, JoJo has developed a cult following overseas, and is ready to take New York by storm with his new gallery—just be sure to bring your swim trunks.