“Game Of Thrones” Kristian Nairn Opening For Steve Aoki At Hakkasan


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There’s a medieval theme Halloween party happening at Hakkasan and guess who is DJing? Hodor.

To be fair, Hodor has a name okay? Kristian Nairn to be exact. In fact, Nairn was Kristian Nairn the DJ before Hodor, something I didn’t even know. He tells MTV in the clip below that during “Game of Thrones” filming, he’d DJ until five in the morning. Nairn describes himself as a once shy teenager turning to music to express himself. And on Thursday, Oct. 26 you’ll be able to hear what that expression sounds like. He will be performing at Hakkasan’s medieval themed Halloween weekend extravaganza and get this: he’s opening for Steve Aoki. That’s kind of brilliant isn’t it?

But Hakkasan has more events lined up for you if you can’t make it out on Thursday. There’s one on Friday, Oct. 27 with Lil Jon. In the main room of Hakkasan, Kaskade will be playing on Saturday, Oct. 28. Phoreyz will be in the Ling Ling room. Your very last chance to experience Hakkasan’s medieval-themed series of Halloween parties is on Sunday, Oct. 29 with Above & Beyond. They’re all medieval inspired and yes costumes are highly encouraged.

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