David Drebin’s New Book Has Got A Story To Tell

With features in everything from glossy magazines to the walls of museum exhibitions, artist David Drebin has got something to say with his new book Love & Lights. The art book of images published by teNeues this November features 49 images, each with a richer story than the last and with a striking visual presentation.


Drebin, an internationally acclaimed art photographer, is renowned as a storyteller through his works. Whether the subjects are beautiful women, city skylines from a vantage point, of the streets at night each image in this, and each of his books, evoke a feeling and sentiment that calls to the raw nature of being in all of us—a unique blend of voyeurism, and intrigue that gives the viewer a sense of danger looking into these images, as if to look into another world.


His previous works have included The Morning After, Beautiful Disasters, Chasing Paradise, and Dreamscapes. His new book will feature scenes capturing the neon art in his home city, New York. The hum of buzzing lights in all kinds of fluorescent colors tell the story of New Yorks gritty underbelly, exhuberant nightlife, and high end society when matched to each scene accordingly.


The collectors edition of the book features an eye catching lenticular cover as ell as three unexpected gatefolds. The comprehensive review of neon both as an art form in and of itself, and how the art interacts with its placement in the city are a unique representation of how art transforms its enviorment solely with its presence, much as Drebin’s work changes the viewers mindset in a feeling that can’t be turned off.