The Best Places To Slurp Noodles For National Noodle Day

National Noodle Day is on Friday, October 6 and in honor of the celebration, we’re sharing our favorite noodle dishes and where to find them. Happy slurping!


China Live’s George Chen tapped his North Beach neighbor, Italian maestro, Tony Gemignani, to make the noodles for his upscale Chinese eatery. Chen uses Gemignani’s bucatini-style noodles in a dish called Marco Polo. It features Zhajianmian minced pork and garlic crumble. Yum!


At Buffalo Theory on Polk Street, chef Tim Luym uses a decade-old secret recipe (originally from the now-closed Poleng Lounge) to make sensational spicy “long life” garlic noodles. Fresh egg noodles are tossed in the sweet and salty sauce before being folded with Dungeness crabmeat, fried garlic, and chili sauce. The resulting dish is addictive.


For your noodle-on-the-go needs head to Chestnut Street’s new Asian Box. Inspired by the street food stalls of Asia, executive Chef Grace Nguyen puts together these veggie-packed gluten-free meal boxes using sustainable ingredients. The Miss Jones features chilled noodles with lemongrass pork, veggies, caramel eggs, and extra fish sauce. Gracie’s grandma pho also has noodles—in a rich classic bone broth with grilled chicken and traditional pho accompaniments. Or you can build your own noodle box with whatever protein, toppings, and sauces float your fancy.


For ramen, you can’t beat Michael Mina’s Ramen Bar. The little sister to Mina’s Pabu, Ramen Bar is a joint collaboration between Mina and Ken Tominaga. The duo use the finest and freshest ingredients to make light, flavorful, and balanced comfort food. Ramen Bar offers four different kinds of ramen and our personal favorite, kitsune udon with kamaboko, wake, inuri tofu, and scallion.


With two locations in SF, Chubby Noodle is a favored noodle spot among locals. All of the noodle dishes are delicious, but the chicken chow mein is a beloved stand by. House made egg noodles are tossed with vegetables, Korean chili dressing, and juicy chicken. The whole thing is topped with a fried egg, jalapeños, pickles, and crispy noodles for an extra special crunch.