5 Of The Coolest Hidden Bars In New York

Being the one in the know means having the perfect spot to hang out at with the group for any setting. When it comes to going out for drinks, it doesn’t matter if its beers with the guys or cocktails on date night, having the tucked away spot that feels hidden is a surefire way to impress. In a bustling metropolis like New York, finding a hidden anything is particularly tricky. Here are some of our favorite spots to frequent. Just don’t tell anyone else, okay?

The Raines Law Room

Raines Law Room - New York, NY

This speakeasy styled bar, housed behind a sparsely marked door, is nearly impossible to find unless looking directly for it. Located in Chelsea, the bar offers great cocktails and an upscale vibe that’s perfect for the after work drinks not too far from the office, but far enough away to feel like you can leave work at work.

Location: 48 W 17th St

Little Branch


In an unmarked door on South 7th Avenue stands a man. He doesn’t say much. He doesn’t wear the bars t-shirt or a clipboard. He just stands there. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think he was just hanging out smoking a cigarette before going upstairs to his apartment. Behind his door is Little Brand, the subterranean cocktail lounge and wine bar. This secretly amazing, though slightly pricey, venue has great drinks and a cozy atmosphere perfect for the winter months to come.

Location: 20 7th Avenue S

Lovers Of Today


Located on the south border of Tompkins Square Park in the East Village, Lovers of Today is behind an alleyway gate, and marked only with a neon heart sign that hands outside. The bar is tiny, and can get really crowded, but offers one of the best happy hour options in the city with 2 for 1 cocktails that are worth paying double for if they asked. Pro Tip: don’t get a booth, sit in the back alcove for a real secret hideout vibe.

Location: 132 East 7th Street

The Ship


The Ship is a great cocktail bar set underground on Lafayette Street. It’s the perfect spot for a cocktail on date night and hides in plain sight of passers by coming from the shops in SoHo or restaurants in Little Italy. Along a line of average looking store fronts, one blacked out door leads down a velvet staircase to the bar. The cocktails come crisp, delicious, and moderately priced to any cocktail bar worth its salt in the city. The bar is also within walking distance from 11Howard, one of the city’s best new hotels. The bar is a great respite for a neighborhood not known for its bar scene, and the perfect place for those in the know to loosen up.

Location: 158 Lafayette Street

Beauty and Essex


Unlike other bars on this list that are hidden below the surface of an everyday street, Beauty and Essex employs a decoy business of a pawn shop to hide from the public. Through a back door in the shop is a cocktail bar with a great menu and intimate setting sure to wow any guest. It’s gotten a lot of publicity over the years, so while it may not be so “hidden” to locals anymore, its surely still going to surprise that friend from college who came to visit you. We suggest the Ruby Mojito and one of the Jewels On Toast dishes to share.

Location: 146 Essex Street