6 Of The Coolest Hidden Bars In Las Vegas

6 of the coolest hidden bars in las vegas haute living tita carraPhoto Credit: @NerdBarLV InstagramSorry for taking so long to tell you about six of the coolest hidden bars in Las Vegas, but as you can imagine that’s how they stay hidden.

When I told my friend what I was writing about he almost blocked me. Safe to say that at the publish of this post I may have lost a friend, but who needs friends when you have helped millions gain six cool bars to drink at because who wants to do things the tourist way anyways?


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Truth be told I grew up at this bar. I have seen this bar evolve over the years and it never fails to amaze me. Beauty Bar attracts so many people because it’s cool as hell. They’ve turned 1950s hair salon chairs into seats. When you see the trap crowd turning up on a Friday night, the 1950s rockabilly scene swing on another, or the reggae scene putting one in the air, how can you resist coming back here? They even have concerts here now! Like the type where you need tickets to attend. There’s a hole backyard concert area for those.



I think, Frankie’s Tiki Room is the only bar in Las Vegas that makes drinks that actually taste like alcohol and not juice. This is a compliment. Expect not a strong stiff drink –they’re smooth– but do expect to have weak knees when you get up. And the decor inside is something out of a Hunter E. Thompson shirt. The people who drink here will take you back to the 1950s with their vehicle and sartorial choices. Listen, if you and I are going to waste calories and gain a cocktail-drink belly, then it better be worth it. Or, is it just me?

3. OAK & IVY

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The twist at Oak & Ivy? They’re a whiskey bar that serves barrel-aged drinks. Impressively, their bartenders are educated on the history of alcohol. It’s classy and it’s stationed in the most unlikely places: an all ages outdoor community shopping and eating area. Wait until you see how the bartenders dress and groom themselves!



I love a dive bar with food because I can drink and sober up before I call my Uber. Your judgey wudgey eyes are no good here, sir. Atomic Liquors have inexpensive, but really good beers and cocktail drinks. This place is usually pretty packed because of it’s prime Downtown Las Vegas location and hipster scene, but don’t get intimidated. The ages range from 24 to 44, roughly, and people make their way out to their patio area.


More vintage furniture! Velveteen Rabbit is another hipster bar, but if you’re into alternative music, this is where you need to meet your kinda people. It’s Victorian themed and they also host performances in the back area.



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WARNING: Will ignore you if you run into me here. Calling all comic, superhero, and gamer nerds. A bar for you exists and it’s called Nerd Bar. There’s even a free bowling alley inside, arcade games and billiards!