Smart Travel Essentials For Jet Setter

shutterstock_425996818Photo Credit: I Am Kulz
Let’s be honest… most of us hate flying. But when you can do it with all of the luxurious amenities of home from the comfort of first class (or, heck, private), your journey can become a million times better. Here are the upscale travel essentials every jet setter needs.




Raden A22
Raden A22

This international travel-sized suitcase has some of the best tech game on the market. Beyond light inside—they’re only 8.4lbs and 13lbs when empty – an industry groundbreaking light weight—these cases actually charge your tech on the go. Raden cases include an integrated 7,800 mAh battery that can charge a mobile phone up to four times with two charging ports accessible on the exterior of the case. To help ensure travelers never pay an overage fee again, an integrated scale handle allows for effortless weighing while packing. There’s also an app (available on iOS), which informs users of their case’s weight, current weather conditions, TSA wait times, traffic alerts, case location, and
flight parameters. For location awareness, Raden cases leverage Bluetooth low energy (B.L.E.) to create a GPS mesh network. Customer service is supported through live chat within the app along with email and phone. This is the future of travel.

A22, $295 



Beoplay H5
B&O Beoplay H5

These babies are the best for a long flight. They’re pocket-sized, wireless and have all the sleek sound that Bang & Olufsen is known for. For seamless integration into an active everyday life, Beoplay H5 comes tuned with a variety of sound profiles to deliver best-in-class sound experience in all situations. Users simply choose one of the preset sound profiles in Beoplay App on their smartphone or Apple Watch, such as working out, commuting, listening to podcasts or relaxing, or they can adjust the tonality and staging with the playful and intuitive B&O PLAY ToneTouch interface. To make sure that users do not leave their earphones behind, Beoplay H5 comes with a magnet built into each earpiece, so users can click them around their neck for effortless wear and easy access to their music and podcasts. Clicking the earpieces together, Beoplay H5 automatically powers down saving battery life.

Beoplay H5, $249



Pendleton Roll-Up Camp Blanket
Pendleton Roll-Up Camp Blanket

For a comfy, easy-to carry blanket to keep you warm during your flight, choose Pendleton’s comfy and cozy wool/cotton blanket, which features a removable weather-resistant backing and a sturdy built-in handle for easy carrying. This chic comforter, which also doubles as a throw, also includes durable waxed-cotton backing that snaps off for easy cleaning.

Blanket, $219



Philips Diamondclean
Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

The days of plastic toothbrushes provided by the airline are OVER. Keep your teeth pearly white on the go with Philips’ Sonicare DiamondClean smart toothbrush. Featuring Smart Sensors and high performance brush heads to eliminate the guesswork from brushing, it provides real-time feedback and personalized coaching to help users achieve the ultimate clean through a completely intuitive brushing experience. Smart Brush Head Recognition technology automatically selects the optimal brushing mode and intensity level for each brush head, and identifies the settings used during the last brushing session so users just press the power button for a clean customized to their specific oral healthcare goals and preferences. Ca-ching!

Toothbrush, $219.99 




If you’re like us, you have problems sleeping on a flight. Fear not, you can pretend you’re at home in the air with the LectroFan, which offeres twenty unique digital sounds to mask noises, and you can choose from ten different electric fan sounds and ten variations of pure white noise (including pink and brown noise variations). All sounds can be personalized with pin-point volume control to select across a wide range of sound levels — from a whisper, to many times louder than mechanical fan based conditioners. Best of all, it charges via USB, ensuring you take this baby with you errrywhere.

Fan, $49.95



Shwood Francis Acetate Sunglasses
Shwood Francis Acetate Sunglasses

When you wear your sunglasses on a plane, you’re THAT guy (or girl) but these babies are seriously necessary for the second you step off to disguise your weary, jet-lagged eyes. We love sustainable brand Shwood and, in particular, its Francis frame—which features a rounded silhouette and keyhole bridge that’s flattering on a wide range of face shapes. You’ll feel like you’re doing something good and giving back when you wear them, too: the frames are made of cellulose acetate, a natural and renewable material derived from cotton and wood pulp.

Sunglasses, $240