Miami Interior Designers On Their Favorite Up-and-Coming Trends

Whether your home is in need of a serious makeover or simply needs a stylish touch of love, look no further. With fall just around the corner, we caught up with three of Miami’s top interior designers to get the scoop on all things autumn decor. From trending colors to must-have accessories, these interior design experts will inspire you to elevate your home this season.

Add an Earthy Touch

DKOR interiors

Photo Credit: Alexia Fodere

For Ivonne Ronderos, Principal at Dkor Interiors, the secret to a happy autumn home is plants, plants, and more plants. “We are incorporating one of my favorite design trends, live foliage, into our current projects. Live plants enhance modern spaces adding a special touch of color and a sense of home,” said the designer.

In this ultra mod dwelling, Ronderos adds subtle hints of green throughout the living and dining room to bring the space to life. This fall, bring the outdoors in!

See in Shades of Blue

Jay and David

While keeping the charm of modernist Miami homes in mind, David Charette and Jay Britto behind Britto Charette are always looking for creative ways to play off the architectural history and style of the home they’re working on. One of the many trends the duo is noticing? Blue.

“Blue is everywhere in fashion and it’s a trend that we believe will continue to gain traction in home decor, especially as accent pieces. We are using gray in combination with blue in our designs and we’ve fallen in love with some really beautiful blue floor coverings,” the partner designers said. We can imagine it’s hard to feel too blue when you get to call a chic cobalt room like this yours.

Make A Statement With Your Walls


Texture and layers add character and intrigue to a room. When it comes to crafting a one-of-a-kind space this season, Deborah Wecselman—who established DWD, Inc. back in 2000—wants the walls to do all the talking. “Walls with different layers add allure to a room,” the designer said.

In this innovate seating space, varying dimensions, colorful artwork, and a faux fur accent chair make for a powerful punch. “Don’t be afraid to add artwork on top of the layers,” Wecselman suggested. When it comes to your walls this fall, thinking out of the box will get you far.