Lululemon’s Los Angeles Maven Shares Her Healthy Secrets To The City Of Angels

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Erika Curtis balances her love of margaritas and tacos with a true passion for intense workouts with her hyper-unusual job title: fitness wear brand lululemons “Los Angeles Maven.” Yes, it’s a real job… and one you wish you had! As a “maven,” Curtis heads up all the brand, marketing and community initiatives in L.A. and also spots trends, in search of the hottest things in health and wellness in L.A., from restaurants to Matcha lattes, to group meditations and work-outs. Curtis is the perfect person for the job given how much she loves La La Land. As a professional jazz singer, she has traveled and lived in numerous cities, including Tokyo, Boston, New York and San Diego, but no city has spoken to her like Los Angeles. After ten years in the City of Angels, she firmly believes that L.A. is the greatest city in the world. Here, she shares her tips for the hottest places in L.A.

Where were you born: San Diego, California

How long in LA:  10 years, and I’ve lived in quite a few neighborhoods – Santa Monica, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Highland Park, Arts District

Current Neighborhood: The Arts District, DTLA

Occupation: Los Angeles “Maven” YES, that’s the job title! What does that mean? I am the lululemon go-to, trend-spotter, creative curator and community connector for Los Angeles. Say that five times fast! Through innovation, experiences and relationships to our Los Angeles stores and ambassadors, I create strategic community plans and forge partnerships the city that positively illuminate our brand, products and people. I am one of five lululemon Mavens that are spread across the United States – Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Atlanta and Los Angeles. It’s up to me to deeply understand what our local market wants from lululemon, and then deliver. Simply, it’s up to me to constantly have a finger on the pulse of LA, from art to leisure to sweats.

Favorite Restaurant: Son of a Gun

Best Sushi: Sugarfish delivery! The chefs choice box is the only option and it always hits the spot.

Best Italian: Bestia, and don’t even try to walk in without a reservation.

Best dessert: The Pie Hole Mexican Chocolate for the win!

Best place for a romantic date: Café Beaujolais in Eagle Rock is the cutest French restaurant with a super cool Euro vibe.

Best Sunday brunch: Eggslut. Grab a bomb breakfast sandwich and meander around Grand Central Market.

Best place for a power business meeting: I love hosting meetings at The Springs! You can catch a little yoga or meditation, and then chat business while sipping kombuchas or green juice.

If you have out of town guests, which hotel would you recommend? The Ace Hotel in Downtown LA, or if you are feeling adventurous check out Zuma Sanctuary in Malibu for the ultimate Airstream & Yurt Malibu glamping experience!

Favorite shopping venue/boutique: lululemon! I live for well-tailored technical workout apparel. When I’m working out, I want to move. My mind is on my sweat, not on pulling up a bra strap. My favorite lululemon products are items with mesh, and are either black or white. The Enlite Bra is seriously the best damn high support sports bra out there. My other fave is Unique Markets -follow along for large scale curated markets with some of the best locally made goods/brands!

Favorite place to buy jewelry/watches: Shinola! Did you know the one in the Arts District has a secret tattoo parlour in the back?!

Best Spa: “The Now” makes self-care feel more accessible. I love the one in Silverlake, with a few other locations in Santa Monica, Studio City and West Hollywood. I like to decorate my home to match the aesthetic of their interior design of their spaces.

Favorite Charity Event: Anything that involved sweating for a cause! Barbells for Boobs, Fight Gone Bad, OutWOD, Soul Cycle charity rides, Rise Nations climb for a cause. lululemon Here To Be yoga experiences.

Favorite Cultural Event: LA Phil @ The Hollywood Bowl ❤️ The bowl is such an amazing and uniquely LA experience- for all those LA summer vibes.

Favorite Cultural Institution: Hauser & Wirths rotating gallery is always a hit for me- plus you can stay and have dinner inside of the gallery at Manuela! (Try the biscuits you won’t regret it)

Best Steakhouse: For your 3 am steak cravings the old standard Pacific Dining Car is open 24 hours a day!

Best Pizza: Pizzanista- The Meat Jesus hits the spot

Best Lunch: The Little Beach House Malibu. That view!

Best Gym/Athletic Facility: The Rec Center CrossFit- The strength-based workout is my absolute favorite. This Arts District gym has an amazing community of athletes who don’t take themselves too seriously and prove that CrossFit can truly be for anyone. Full transparency. I’m a bit biased, as my husband and I have owned The Rec Center CrossFit for six years!

Best Massage: I’m such a sucker for Korean Foot spas and “Spaahbulous” downtown is my jam. The name is worth the trip, and the $25 per hour massage is perfection.

Best Limousine/Driving Service: Uber pool. Make a new friend on your way to your destination.

Best Museum/Exhibit: The Rain Room at the Broad. Insider tip: you can’t just go. Make a reservation wayyyyy in advance

Describe your city in three words: Diverse. Surprising. Dreams.

Favorite historic/legendary place to see or explore: Angels Flight. This tiny railway ferries passengers up and down Bunker Hill just like it did more than 100 years ago, and it JUST reopened in DTLA. It’s like stepping back in time.

All-around favorite spot in Los Angeles:  Griffith Park. The Observatory, LA Zoo and Botanical Gardens, The Greek, endless hiking trail and the Hollywood Sign, Trails Café, movies in the park, Halloween hayrides at the old abandoned zoo… The place is huge. And, the adventures are endless. Plus, the weather here is the absolute best.

Best Aspect of Los Angeles: I often hear outsiders say LA isn’t for them. As someone who has lived here for a decade, I can truly say that the outsiders are wrong! LA experiences vary. From living a beach life in Malibu, to experiencing a neighborhood like Silverlake, LA has different versions for all to enjoy and love. If you’re in LA, and you get sick of your hood, no need to move! Just relocate about 20 minutes into a different, unique neighborhood, but do consider the traffic in getting there. Oh wait, you didn’t think I could get through an entire guide to LA without mentioning traffic, right? Look, LA traffic is no joke. Try out the metro. Wake up early. Get to the other side of town for a workout before your meetings. And when you’re forced with a 5pm commute, throw on your favorite podcast or audiobook. Learn a thing or two on those LA roads and highways. LA will thank you for it.