34 Mayfair Redefines British Cuisine



London hasn’t been known for its cuisine for some time. Other than the stereotypical fish and chips and afternoon teas, the city has been craving a restaurant to redefine what modern British cuisine would be, and 34 Mayfair does so with grace, poise, and a delicious menu.

To most, including Americans abroad, the vibe of the restaurant still feels quite American, with a tinge of color and British impulses added when appropriate. If London can be likened to New York City, 34 Mayfair would be likened to the NoMad. The restaurant has the distinct feeling of a great meal with an upscale feeling, but nothing so uptight that you need to have a jacket with tails to feel welcomed—a place where quality is clear, but understated. In fact, the restaurant is the perfect place for the ever-elusive second date restaurant: bustling enough to feel like an in-the-know eater, but while still being low-key enough to hold a conversation sans shouting.


The space strikes the perfect balance between quality taste and showmanship. While the food may be the reason for going to a restaurant, the environment and setting is the reason people come back. 34 Mayfair is a beautifully decorated room that features leather studded seating, crisp white tablecloths, beautiful cushions, and intimate lighting from tabletop lamps. It comes as no surprise that after six years of serving people in Mayfair, the restaurant is still as lively as it was in year one. Much of this is due to the teams adaptive capability. Nothing is ever cool in food for six full years. (Six years ago, nobody cared about avocados, matcha, and putting any normal food into a mixed up bowl.) The team at 34 Mayfair is constantly analyzing new ways to spice up their menu and restaurant, by monitoring food trends not directly, but finding ways to rethink them to best suit the style of this restaurant. From the bowler-hatted man holding the door for you, to the colorful tie wearing waiter, its clear this restaurant values staying current, but is clever enough to make sure they do so on their terms.


Most importantly though, the food at 34 Mayfair is delicious. While its primary focus may be steak, this restaurant is a great choice for eaters of any variety or restriction. The steak is great, and lovers of a fine choice cut should always ask the server’s recommendations, but the sides are where this restaurant shines brightest. From stake tartare and seared foie gras to creamed sweetcorn and grilled avocado, each dish is constructed perfectly, with no added fuss and an elegant simplicity that’s perfectly ripe for Instagram and eating, a combination harder to find than one would think.


Set in Mayfair at 34 Grosvenor Square, the restaurant is also the perfect locale to make a day of the neighborhood. Shopping along Oxford Street, or around some of the higher-end brands along Mayfair’s picturesque streets. With London’s food scene growing bigger and bigger with flashy new openings every week, it’s critical not to look past those that were around before The Great Pop. 6 years in, 34 Mayfair has all the makings of something that continues to rise to the top of London’s best restaurants and a must for any traveler looking to get past the streetside fish and chips to the real heart of modern British cuisine.