The Most Delicious Food Accounts You Should Be Following In Miami 2017

With food bloggers and social media influencers on the rise, it’s tough to differentiate who to follow and who really is an expert in the industry. Food blogging is certainly one of the most competitive—but these few accounts have won us over as they’ve paved the way bringing food-porn to your Instagram feed from the beginning. Here’s a look at the top accounts to follow in the Magic City that are in the know of where to find the best and most Instagram-worthy eats. 


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Miami’s favorite food account is unanimously @thenaughtyfork, run by blogger Sam Schnur. Known for posting some of Miami’s most lavish and decadent delicacies from up-close food shots to detailed preparation videos, this is a food account worth following. Warning: viewing WILL increase hunger and food cravings.




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The Miami-based food & travel account boasts 1.8M Instagram followers for good reason. Known for its expert videos detailing decadent food being prepared or captivating footage that will have you staring at the screen longingly for whatever is being showcased, @foodyfetish is not only one of Miami’s most tasty, but also most professionally-done food accounts.


What started out as two girls from Boston and one UM grad posting their aesthetically-pleasing food photos has now turned into a Miami phenomenon most famously known for their boozy brunch parties that occur every few months. Most recently, they held their highly-anticipated brunch party at Marion and El Túcan for an epic day of drinking and eating delicious items from the MR Hospitality hot spots, going all the way into the night. To stay in the know of all the best places to eat and also when their next brunch is approaching, follow them for updates.




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Also one of the early influencers in the game, this account represents exactly what it sounds like—cheesy, juicy, rich food porn posted throughout the day from Miami’s top spots. Its also known for its witty captions. If you aren’t already doing so, we advise clicking follow now.


This food account ingeniously combines two things that everyone loves—puppies and food. More specifically, adorable little pugs and food. The couple that runs the account keeps their followers in the know with daily posts from Miami’s most delectable eateries, and if you look close enough, you can always spot a little pug hidden within the photo. It’s a fun and delicious way to follow food and they’ve definitely won over the Miamians. 




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While it may not be solely based in Miami, this food account is an absolute must for any foodies out there. Even better, download their app to get city-specific recommendations and view visual menus of all of the must-try items at each restaurant. It’s easily our new favorite way to find out—and reveal to others—our favorite dining destinations in the city and give specific ratings for each dish ordered. Your foodie prayers have now been answered—be sure to follow and download the app to keep up with all the latest happenings and local food events taking place in the city.