Most Expensive Restaurants in South Beach 2017

Looking to go above and beyond to impress that special someone? Or seeking an opulent night on the town? There’s no better place for over-the-top dining than South Beach, a mecca of fine dining with an unbeatable party scene. Whether you’re looking for an exotic meal complete with decadent ingredients, a mouth-watering filet of beef or a multi-course omakase experience, South Beach has it all. While the unique restaurants are sure to create a memorable dining experience, they will certainly cost you. Here’s a look at some of Miami Beach’s most expensive dining destinations that are worth every penny:


- Henry Hargreaves (2)
Whitefish Tiradito at Nobu

Photo Credit: Henry Hargreaves


Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s renowned Japanese restaurant is internationally acclaimed for its inventive cuisine that fuses Japanese and Peruvian dishes, and its newest Miami location at the Nobu Eden Roc Hotel is just as stunning as the artfully-presented food itself. It’s easy to rack up a bill here with small plates ranging from $14 all the way up to $140 for the dry-aged ribeye, and individual sushi and sashimi pieces priced at $7-20 a pop. To fully get the Nobu experience, we recommend opting for the Multi-course tasting menu, Omakase Style, which showcases the fresh fish at its best for $200 and up per person. It won’t disappoint.


casa tua pastaPhoto Credit: Instagram: @casatualifestyle

This iconic Miami gem is one of the premier destinations to get fine Italian cuisine and the romantic atmosphere is the perfect date night setting. With small yet finely crafted Italian dishes like the Taglioni with creme fraiche and caviar; Risotto with black truffles; the Whole Branzino; or Beef tenderloin with foie gras, toasted hazelnuts and leeks, the menu will surely impress your dining companion, but will certainly add up to the bill with each plate ranging from $20 and up. The exclusive upstairs members lounge is also a must to perfect the evening.


Bazaar Dragon Fruit Ceviche (1)
Bazaar Dragon Fruit Ceviche

Photo Credit: sbe

Chef José Andrés South Beach location is the famed chef’s original Miami location, and showcases the chef’s expertise in Spanish-style tapas with a twist of culinary physics. The playful dishes which come out crafted in all sorts of forms and props that make for a truly special dinner, but features a range of decadent ingredients like fresh caviar and truffle which, when ordering multiple small tapas plates, will add up in the end. To get your money’s worth and get the best of the menu, opt for the $125/person tasting menu which features 20 delicious courses of the spot’s most popular dishes.


Fish in sea salt at Estiatorio Milos by Costas Spiliadis in Miami BeachPhoto Credit: Estiatorio Milos

This beautiful So-Fi mediterranean destination offers some of the freshest seafood around. The open-air, white aesthetic of the interior, in combination with the eye-catching display of the fresh fish of the day, dining at Milos is a very unique experience. Due to the extensive selection of fish available that have been caught that day, dinner at Milos is also pricey. While a definite price for each fish cannot be determined because it is dependent on the market price, most selections of fish range from $40-80 per piece. In combination with drinks, tax and service, this is certainly not an economic date night spot, but will provide you with one of the best meals around in a truly spectacular setting.


TATEL Miami (Photo credit - World Rey Eye)
Fresh Cured Ibérico Ham

Photo Credit: World Rey Eye

This new Miami outpost brought from Madrid by the Spaniard power squad of Rafael Nadal, Enrique Iglesias and Pau Gasol is easily one of Miami’s best restaurants, offering fine Spanish cuisine in an classically upscale environment. The menu features authentic delicacies that take you right to Madrid with each bite. While the menu may not be conservatively priced, the quality of the menu items and the pristine service accurately represent what it costs. Specialty cocktails are around $16 each as well as an extensive wine menu, and with starters like the melt-in-your-mouth Jamón Ibérico priced at $65, you’ll easily and rapidly rack up a pretty hefty bill, but each plate is guaranteed to stun, making it completely worth it.


Beijing Duck 2 mr chowPhoto Credit: Mr Chow

One of Miami’s most timeless eateries, Mr Chow can be guaranteed to draw in a full house on any given night of the week. Being located within the happening W South Beach doesn’t hurt, either. All of this combined with the spot’s consistently delicious menu makes it one of the most expensive, but also one of the top must-try restaurants in Miami Beach. As you can expect with any Mr Chow destination, the food, drinks and service are on point. If you’re lucky, you can even catch one of their famous handmade noodle shows which will captivate the full attention of the restaurant’s guests. Must-try dishes include the Beijing Duck—priced at $78 per person but includes four appetizers and three entrees. Alone, all of these dishes range from $38-$66, so guests often tend to opt for one of the semi prix-fixe menus (like the Beijing duck) or the Classic $66/person which includes two entrees or the $70 Mr Chow which includes an upgraded two-course dinner.