The Best Juices In NYC To Give Your Body And Mind The Kick It Needs

Drinking cold pressed juices is a great way to clean out the body, detox, and overall feel much better. Whether it’s your sinuses or a headache- there really seems to be no problem a good cold juice can’t solve plus they taste great. This habit of indulgence has really taken the city by storm, considering you can’t go more than a block without running into a great juice spot.

So in the spirit of feeling good, we’ve rounded up the best places to hit up for all of your juice wants and needs.

Juice Generation


Photo Credit: Juice Generation

Juice Generation’s Juice Farmacy is exactly what you would expect but better. Each of the four juices help you fight the cold that’s been brewing inside but you probably tried to ignore.

The Lemon Lozenge is packed with vitamin C-loaded lemons, sinus-clearing cayenne, and strong-but-soothing ginger. This liquid throat lozenge is perfect for any sore throat or sinus congestion. The Fighter Cider is made up of apple cider vinegar to ease cold and flu symptoms, ginger and turmeric to reduce inflammation, and finally grapefruit and a bit of raw agave to sweeten the taste. The Ginger Fix is a blend of creamy chai base, with a triple dose of ginger, chai spices, dates, vanilla bean, alkaline water, and almonds. The Cold Warrior is the juice to fight all symptoms- made up of green tea, orange, echinacea, golden seal and triple dose of ginger, this juice packs a hefty punch.

Juice Press

5.1.17_juice press_jp8_tanya blum photo-3035Photo Credit: Juice Press

Juice Press’s all-natural elixirs fight inflammation, which reduces the source of illness as well as the uncomfortable symptoms of a cold. The Ginger Fireball’s name speaks for itself but this juice inspired a whole line of fiery immunity boosters. Packed with orange, lemon, ginger, cayenne powder, oil of oregano, and proviotic this is the perfect juice to grab when symptoms start creeping up. If you are looking for anti-inflammatory tonics, which fight the source of illness while helping to relieve symptoms of feeling under the weather, then you should also check out the Turmeric Power Blend, Mother F*#%IN’ Fireball, Ginger Turmeric Tonic, and the Volcano.

Pure Green

Pure Green BK-82Photo Credit: Pure Green

Pure Green’s focus is to make it easy to live a healthy lifestyle. Their philosophy is everyone should experience sustained energy throughout the day. Their cold pressed juice is nutrition just as nature intended- they cold press fresh fruit and vegetables so the process preserves all the live enzymes, vitamins, and minerals from the fresh fruit and vegetables which will flood your body with pure nourishment. 

Pressed Juicery

Pressed JuiceryPhoto Credit: Pressed Juicery

When you are starting to feel under the weather or just simply not up to your normal standards, three juices stand out amongst the rest and are my personal favorite. Pressed Juicery’s Orange Turmeric contains 220% of your daily Vitamin C and turmeric helps with inflammation while lemon is a great natural detoxifying agent. The Charcoal Lemonade contains activated charcoal,  an ancient ingredient that’s been shown to aid in removing toxins from the system. In addition to it’s detoxifying elements, charcoal can also help whiten teeth. A Wellness Shot, made up of Ginger, Lemon, Cayenneis a great immunity boosting option – ginger is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory agent and can also help to clear the sinuses. Cayenne has a high concentration of Capsaicin, a powerful natural pain-reliever, and lemons are a rich source of vitamin C.