Quick Hits: Ricky’s Welcomes Artichoke Basille’s Pizza, Baja Bao Opens

pubbPhoto Credit: Rockaway

If you’ve found yourself down with a case of summer boredom, the Magic City’s ever-changing food scene holds your cure. This week, Miami’s soon-to-be hot spots are anticipated to open, exciting restaurant-goers one cocktail and mouth-watering entree at a time. We’ve rounded up a quick-hitting list of some of the city’s new openings and new offerings this summer.

Jose Mendin’s Food Kharma Group Set to Open Newest Restaurant Baja BaoPubbellyPhoto Credit: Rockaway

Jose Mendin’s new company, Food Kharma Group, is bringing a unique, Latin-infused style to Wynwood in mid-July with the opening of their new restaurant, Baja Bao, on NE 25th Street. The eatery is set to bring a new culinary style to the Magic City. Centering on bao buns, the concept will introduce Latin flavors from countries including Argentina and Mexico. The project will be part of the soon-to-open Veza sur Brewing Co., which is part of Anheuser-Busch InBev’s craft-and-import-focused, “high-end” portfolio. Menu highlights include the Kalbee Quesadillas, which are filled with the bbq shortribs of your dreams, an array of mouth-watering guacamole options and Estilo Baja topped with chipotle aioli under the Los Baos options. After your first dine, not only will you find yourself coming back to Baja Bao, but with the authentic cuisine and transformative ambiance, you will also crave a vacation to the Latin countries that so deliciously inspired the food.

Ricky’s South Beach Crafts New Cocktails and Welcomes Artichoke Basille’s Pizza for a Taste of New York

The 80’s-inspired Ricky’s South Beach is making room for New York’s famed Artichoke Basille’s Pizza that will join South Beach’s trendy food scene starting July 20. Like most Magic City culinary openings, Artichoke Pizza’s arrival is a highly anticipated event. Arriving in Big Apple style, the outpost will be the brand’s twelfth location, and–highlighting the momentous opening—only its second outside of the New York boroughs. Artichoke Pizza will man the kitchen alongside Ricky’s new cocktail menu, which is undergoing a reboot with the tropical “Ricky’s Wingspan” Bacardi drink, “Gin N’ Juice” and more. The New York transplant offers menu standouts that are absolutely mouth-watering: the Sicilian Pizza, draped in olive oil, is twice baked and made with plum tomato and fresh basil, while the Artichoke Slice made with artichoke hearts, spinach, cream sauce, mozzarella and pecorino romano cheese is the Italian foodie fantasy. With guests’ option of ordering a whole pizza, pretty soon pizza connoisseurs will be flocking to South Beach to try their slice of New York pizza paired with a new, fun Ricky’s cocktail.