Quick Hits: Air’s Champagne Parlor Opens in Greenwich Village

Macdougal Street, normally known for its abundance of college kids and dive bars, has a new upscale spot for those of us who enjoy champagne over everything. Air’s Champagne Parlor, an elegant salon and living room dedicated to the everyday imbibing of Champagne and global sparkling wine, has taken residence one block south of Washington Square Park on Macdougal Street.
“Champagne needs to be demystified,” says owner Ariel Arce. “It’s not a brand, and it’s not just for celebrations. It’s a wine that’s incredibly gastronomic in addition to being a geographic region and place of origin in France.  But, perhaps most importantly, Champagne is experiential with an effervescent personality that defies boundaries and barriers. It brings on the fun!”
Air’s Champagne Parlor is located at 127 Macdougal Street. For more information, click here.