Where to Find the Best Fresh Poke Bowls in Miami

For about a year now, poke bowls have been having a serious moment in the Miami dining scene. Popping up throughout different locations in the city, venues are getting increasingly creative with their offerings, enticing customers with make-your-own options that lead to a very Instagram-worthy food shot. We’ve taken a look at the newcomers entering the scene and some of our favorite dining destinations that are offering their own versions of the beloved poke bowl and rounded up a list of our top favorites. Here’s a look at the city’s best:


Ono Poke ShopPhoto Credit: Instagram: @chanelle_maaa

The local Wynwood poke shop is hands-down the greatest poke in the city. Offering the freshest selections of tuna, spicy tuna, king salmon or crab as well as a handful of inventive toppings and offerings, the small shop has won over the most discerning poke-eaters in Miami with their make-your-own bowls. Even better, the shop is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing locations in Wynwood, decorated in fun printed wallpapers that make the perfect backdrop for your Instagram.

POKE 305

Poke305Photo Credit: Instagram: @knockonfoodrc

Poke305 was the first fast-service poke shop in Miami and quickly won over the crowds, just recently opening their second location in Coconut Grove. Poke305 offers well-priced, fresh poke bowls with a make-your-own option including a variety of generous servings of protein and topping choices, as well as poke burritos and mochi ice cream. Also available on UberEats and Eat24, this makes for the perfect mid-day lunch break.


Prime 112 Tuna Poke

The celeb-favorite hot spot has more to offer than their meat dishes. The Hawaiian Big Eye Tuna is quite simple, but incredibly fresh in flavor. The large, fatty chunks of tuna are of the highest quality, complimented by a light ponzu sauce and a generous portion of avocado sprinkled with scallions and some seaweed salad. The name is fitting—this dish is something straight out Hawaii, and is the perfect light summer dish.


Kuenko MiamiPhoto Credit: Instagram: @kuenkomiami

For poke with a bit of Miami flavor, the Wynwood Yard food truck, Kuenko, is the perfect fix. A mix of Japanese and Spanish fusion, Michelin-starred chef Ricardo Sanz brings his Spanish flavor from Madrid to Miami, creating a new flair of poke bowls that give you the best of both cuisines. Simple, yet bold flavors make up each bowl, offered in an assortment of Donburi (rice bowl) options, like spicy tuna, spicy salmon, butterfish, shrimp tempura, chicken, shredded angus beef, eel kabayaki and vegetarian flavors, each mixed in with special rice and a fried egg.


tuna poke bowl standard miamiPhoto Credit: The Standard

This Miami-favorite waterfront dining destination of course offers some of the freshest fish around, and the tuna poke bowl is one of the spot’s most popular dishes. Maintaining The Standard’s ethos of health and wellness, each of their dishes is a slightly healthier version that you may find elsewhere and the gluten-free tuna poke is no exception, made with avocado, macadamia nuts, daikon sprouts, green onion, cucumbers, quinoa, sesame, ponzu and nori.