Quick Hits: Summer Skincare Musts from a Top Chicago Esthetician

summer skincare - Chicago spa services
Lindsey Blonding working with a client at George the Salon.

As the weather changes in Chicago, so, too, should your skincare routine. We tapped George the Salon’s spa director and lead esthetician Lindsey Blondin to share her tips for getting glowing skin all summer long.


Blondin’s first tip for young, vibrant skin is also one thing many people give up during the summer. “People have a tendency to shy away from peels, derma plane, microdermabrasion, and other professional exfoliating treatments during summer months because they’re worried about staying out of the sun,” she says. “Exfoliation is the key to keeping your skin’s metabolism going and bringing live healthy skin to the surface, which battles the effects of aging and evens skin tone.” To prevent the sun from aggravating sensitive skin in the few days post treatment, Blondin’s suggestions are simple: find a hat, sunglasses and a sunscreen you love.


When it comes to keeping skin hydrated, there are two ends of the spectrum Blondin’s clients typically complain of during the summer. “Either the heat and humidity make their skin oilier and they don’t like to use a moisturizer, or they are dry because they are spending too much time at the pool in the water and basking in the sun.” The solve for each dilemma is finding the right moisturizer for the season, which may be completely different than the one you use during the rest of the year. “Your skin changes during the different seasons, therefore your regimen needs to change as well,” she says. “If your skin is getting oilier, you may need to switch to a lighter or even oil-free moisturizer. And if your skin is drying out and creating a thick dull layer hiding that beautiful healthy skin underneath, you may need to add a hydrating mask, face oil, or heavier cream to add moisture back into the skin.” A skincare specialist can help you diagnose the PH of your skin and offer a proper assessment and product suggestions.


Last, but most importantly: sunscreen. “Your skin will still get that healthy dose of vitamin D and you block the burning rays of the sun that cause cancer,” Blondin says. As for SPF, she says the number on your sunscreen is just an indication of how long before you need to reapply, but she suggests a strength of 45 or higher, plus hourly reapplication.

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