5 Haute Benefits of Cycling at FSY Fitness Studio Las Vegas


FSY Fitness Studio Lobby.
FSY Fitness Studio Lobby.

Get in shape for summer at FSY Fitness Studio, the hautest indoor fitness and cycling studio in Las Vegas. At FSY the entire staff is welcoming, friendly and makes everyone feel comfortable and motivated to workout.

Here are 5 Haute Benefits of FSY Cycle:

1. Decreased stress levels: During an FSY Cycle class you will let go of everything you’re dealing with in the outside world and pedal to the beat of the music.

2. A great muscle workout:  Cycling is a full body workout, using all major muscle groups with cardio and weights included.

3. Great for stamina and strength: Cycling greatly improves circulation, endurance, stamina and aerobic fitness, which is good for your heart and lungs.

4. Sweat and burn calories: During a 45 minute class you can burn about 500-700 calories and continue to burn calories throughout the day.

5. A fun way to get fit:  All FSY Cycle classes are basically a dance-party on bikes, so let loose and have fun!

FSY Las Vegas
FSY offers members two studios under one roof at a flat membership fee.  Aside from cycling, the second studio offers FSY Tread, which is 45 minutes of high-energy muscle-toning and strength training exercises with 3-10 minute treadmill intervals. This workout is all about burning calories and toning every part of the body.

The experience that is provided to guests is impeccable; from the motivational and inspiring instructors, all the way down to the the studio’s bright, clean interior and spotless locker rooms with fresh towels and toiletries.

For questions about the classes or membership options call: (702) 270-2673

FSY Fitness Studio
670 S Green Valley Pkwy Suite 100
Henderson, NV 89052