Haute Top 5: Must-Try Desserts in Chicago

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From simple to over-the-top, traditional to avant garde, you’ll satisfy any variety of sweet tooth with these diversely decadent desserts.


1 Cocoa Curry Coco Ice Cream, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

As soon as temps crack freezing there's likely to be a line out the door at any of Jeni's three Chicago locations. Inside, you'll find a rotating assortment of flavors like Goat Cheese with Red Cherries, Queen City Cayenne, and Wildberry Lavender, but we've deemed the new-to-the-menu Cocoa Curry Coco the most worthy of the wait times. The curry is apparent but subtle, and is only part of a fragrant harmony of spices like turmeric, coriander, cardamom, and fenugreek that make up this fun flavor.
1505 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

2 Key Lime Pie, Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits

This Logan Square & Ravenswood pie shop has become one of the city's favorite foodie destinations thanks largely in part to executive chef Emily Stewart's perfection of this custard-y classic, featuring a scratch-made graham cracker crust and topped off with a heaping dollop of whipped cream.
2051 N California, Chicago

3 Black Bottom Pudding, Swift & Sons

Your challenge should you choose to accept it: Save room for dessert at Swift & Sons. The hearty entrees might tempt you to pass, but it's a worthwhile effort to make it all the way through the courses here, including dessert. There are a variety of favorites to choose from, all from executive pastry chef Meg Galus (who's also in charge of dessert courses for Boka and Momotaro), but the standout is her Black Bottom Pudding, made up of layered baked dark chocolate mousse, milk chocolate pudding, and white chocolate sorbet.
1000 W Fulton Market, Chicago

4 Malasadas with Mango Jam, The Bakery at Fat Rice

Logan Square eatery Fat Rice's outpost next door serves up sweet and savory baked goods alike, but it's the Malasadas that keep us coming back. The Portuguese pastry is reminiscent of a donut, made from fluffy yeast dough, coated lightly with granulated sugar, and filled with an unexpected mango jam is the perfect balance of tart & sweet.
2951 W Diversey Ave

5 Elderflower Semifreddo, Blackbird

If Blackbird didn't happen to be one of the single best dining experiences in the city of Chicago, we'd say the Elderflower semifreddo is reason enough to visit the spot. The intricate dessert is an experience in its own right (not to mention an instant Instagram moment), featuring a liqueur-soaked semi-frozen custard garnished with rhubarb, sunflower seed, and green tea sorbet.
619 W. Randolph St., Chicago