Embraer Manhattan: Back To The Golden Age of Air Travel

Art Deco apartment? Private club? Luxurious restaurant? The new Manhattan by Embraer is it all at once, and the best part, it can take you wherever you want!


The Manhattan is a design concept which Embraer based on the Lineage 1000E. This jet is particularly desirable by the rich and famous because of its versatility. It offers a lot of space, yet is still nimble enough to land on airports such as Aspen and London City. With a range of 4.600 nautical miles, you can also fly from New York non-stop to pretty much any major city in Europe.

Manhattan-entry-wayWith the Manhatten, Embraer showed off what you can do with all the space that the Lineage 1000E offers. With its mahogany wood panels, brass and gold trim and stunning artwork, it takes the interior of this private jet to a whole other level. It combines the style of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler building in one.


Due to the large space, the jet can accommodate different sections. Embraer created the Cloud Club, where you feel that you have been transported back into the 1920’s, while the Crystal Room offers upscale dining option for six people.

With its design takes Embraer us back to the golden age of air travel, even modifying some of the windows to create the desired effect. It also takes you to look outside these windows or to notice the modest hum of the jet engines, to know that you are actually airborne and not in an opulent apartment somewhere in the city that never sleeps.

Manhattan-2nd-divanAlso, the outside of the plane has been transformed in style, with a dark blue livery that features polished silver striped, as well as silver wings. This is reminiscent of the cars of that era, such as the legendary Bugatti’s and Deusenbergs.

With the Manhattan, Embraer gives a lesson in creativity, as well as shows us that the sky isn’t the limit, especially not when we are talking about private jets!