Quick Hits: The Bellagio Conservatory Changes to Spring in Las Vegas

South_BedJust as spring is about to conquer Las Vegas, the Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens changes to greet the new season. Now the stunning gardens celebrate spring with an ode to Japan, featuring traditional elements from designer Ed Libby and the Bellagio horticulture team and more than 80,000 flowers dressing the exhibit.

Spring_Display_West_Bed_20170317161827754At the entrance, find a 25-foot Torii Gate outfitted with pink and white lotus flowers, as well as a 35-foot Kabuki character decked out in 5,000 flowers rising from a 60-foot-wide pink lotus flower. The Kabuki figure carries a 25-foot-tall samurai sword and a 4-foot-wide white pearl. Two 4-foot cranes are visible from every vantage foot in the gardens, while 10 hand-painted butterflies float above the West Bed.

East_BedIn the North Garden, a 26-foot-tall Japanese temple, inspired by Kyoto’s famous Kinkaku-ji, features a gold veneer over wood frames between two bird cages. In the South Garden, visitors will find a Japanese tea house sitting with ever-blooming cherry blossom and bonsai trees. The temple honors the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Nearby a turtle topiary created with 1,000 fresh cut flowers begs to be in the background of any photo.

South_Bed_NightThe scene takes its inspiration from Sandro Botticelli’s painting, “The Birth of Venus,” as well as Kabuki.

Head to the Bellagio’s Conservatory and Botanical Gardens 24 hours a day, seven days a week for free.