Quick Hits Atlanta: Sugar Rush

Valentine’s day is over but there is no shortage of sweets in the city. Here’s what’s new in the Atlanta “sweet” world of desserts, pastries cocktails and other goodies. From a new dessert assortment at our favorite neighborhood restaurant to a cocktail concoction for the sugar-minded, check out our what’s haute and sweet in this week’s Quick Hits Atlanta.

Over at Ecco, Fifth Group Restaurants executive pastry chef Eric Wolitzky (nationally recognized by Bon Appetit and Top Chef: Just Desserts) has reimagined the dessert menu filled with creative deliciousness inspired by spring. Who can resist his Seasonal Strudel, made with apple, golden raisin and dried plum and St. Andre cheese. How about the  Flourless walnut cake with Mascarpone cream, espresso ice cream and a drizzle of olive oil? Just another reason to dine at Ecco. Seasonal Strudel - Spring 2017


In other sweet news, our favorite little store in MIdtown, Eco  Denizen, now carries candies from Sugarfina Beverly Hills.  The adorable gift shop features some of the best and most unique items in town and this new addition sweetens the deal. The Champagne Bears could not make a better hostess gift. These gummies, imported from Germany are the real deal and are infused with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne. But our reall fave? The Peach Bellini’s…after all, we are the Peach State.

Get yours today at Eco Denizen, 999 Peachtree St. NE, Ste 180, Atlanta, Ga 30309


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Speaking of Rose all day, like the candies from Sugarfina, the Persian Rose cocktail has become a hit on the menu of Divan. And while we are on a sweet hunt, we think the new Persian Rose Champagne cocktail hits the spot.  This cocktail, served up at the Buckhead Persian/Mediterranean restaurant in Buckhead, this refreshing libation is made with gin, champagne, honey water, rosewater, cardamom water and saffron water.  And sprinkled with rose petals.

Divan 3125 Piedmont Rd. Atlanta, Ga, 30305

Persian Rose_Divan


While many of the restaurants in town do have a pastry chef on hand, some  have a secret weapon that is just as good if not better. They are known as Sugar Spun Fun. Started by two former pastry chefs, Sugar Spun Fun provides all the desserts to some of the best restaurants in town like Wisteria and the Porch LIght. But basically, Sugar Spun Fun is a one-stop-shop for all your pastry and confectionary needs. Whether you want a custom birthday cake or dessert or some gluten-free chocolate bars for a dinner party, people are taking notice at this new company’s confectionary talent. www.sugarspunfun.com

meringue puff sugar spun fun