MAG Design Studio gives the Bell 429 a MAGnificent interior

Although a private jet can get you to any airport of your choice, that is hardly ever your final destination. The most luxurious and comfortable way to get there is often by helicopter. Many prefer for this the Bell 429, but its standard interiors are indeed a bit standard. Perhaps a perfect to fly tourists over the Grand Canyon, but as your personal domain, you want something more comfortable, and closer to your own style.

This was for MAG Design Studio reason to create a very special and innovative interior for the Bell 429. The strength of the concept is that it combines advanced personalization options with the latest technology. MAG Design Studio called this concept “MAGnificent”, and that is about right.

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The interior by MAG Design Studio transforms the Bell 429 from a mere mode of transportation into a destination on its own. The concepts offer various cabin layouts varying from two benches to four captain seats, and everything in between. This allows customers to choose between maximum capacity in style, or continue the personal comfort of their private jet in the Bell 429.

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In many ways, the new interior gives the Bell 429 the same advantages as a private jet has. It is fitted with “SILENS”, a noise cancellation system that reduces the noise from the engines and rotors to a level that you can have a conversation at a normal voice level. MAG Design Studio offers this system in combination with “i-FEEL”, which stands for in-Flight Entertainment Enhanced Lounge. It bundles all operating systems for audio, video and the cabin functions, into a single device. It also can show moving maps or be connected to camera’s which can be mounted on several positions on the helicopter.

Mecaer Interior

This all is designed around the owner, who can choose not only the layout of the cabin but also lots of finishing details, such as the color of the leather, stitching but also different LED lighting solutions ar clever options such as an umbrella holder built into the backrest of the seat. Clients can already get started at home designing their own personalized interior of the Bell 429 with an app created just for that, the “MAGnificent Interior Configurator”, but be warned; you might not want to leave you helicopter once you have reached your destination!