3 Local Florists For Fabulous Spring Arrangements

When you need a beautiful bouquet of your own? Try one of our favorite florists.

cmPhoto Credit: Zoe Lonergan

Flowers Claire Marie

Claire Marie has been crafting gorgeous floral arrangements for San Francisco’s old guard for years. Her workshop sends out elaborate, extravagant, enormous bouquets. Think beautiful arrangements with perfect pink peonies and fragrant fresh mint.

nbPhoto Credit: Michele Beckwith

Natalie Bowen Designs

Bowen is the tech world’s golden child and the local hipsters’ florist of choice. She specializes in messy organic florals that look as though they came from the wild. Bowen can make a riot of English roses, dahlias, and zinnias mixed with dandelions and olive branches come together in the most gorgeous clutch.

fgPhoto Credit: Farmgirl Flowers

Farmgirl Flowers

For super seasonal and hyper-local bouquets, we love Farmgirl Flowers. The enchanting naturalistic arrangements are delivered around the city by bike messengers. When you place an order, you won’t know what the bouquet looks like until it arrives. But rest assured—it will be resplendent.