Rosé-Soaked Bagatelle Brunch for Black Jaguar White Tiger

Black Jaguar White Tiger 2
Eduardo Serio at Black Jaguar White Tiger


Haute Living will host their annual Black Jaguar White Tiger Brunch at Bagatelle Miami Beach on Saturday, December 5th from 1-4pm. Unlike a lot of closed-list happenings, this is one VIP Art Week event you can buy a ticket for ( here. ) The fundraiser is a rosé-soaked brunch at the notoriously fun South Beach spot to help the rescued big cats at Black Jaguar White Tiger.  In addition to ticket sales art by Mr. Brainwash and Bradley Theodore will be auctioned off to support the cause.

Haute animal lovers like Yolanda Berkowitz are champions of the Mexico-based organization, which was started by Eduardo Serio who got pulled into the big cat rescue life by helping his cousin rescue a baby black jaguar that someone was trying to buy in order to profit from the cat by keeping it drugged and charging tourists to pose for pictures with it. This inhumane practice is one that Serio speaks out against.

The acquisition of this first cat changed Serio’s life forever and he relocated from Los Angeles to Mexico City, starting Black Jaguar White Tiger in 2013.  Serio runs the organization with the help of devoted friends and millions of loyal friends around the world, rescuing and caring for over 240 big felines, including jaguars, tigers, leopards, lynxes, lions, pumas and more from a life of abuse in circuses, zoos and breeders, both legal and illegal ones. He also recuse many cats from people who thought they might be a cool pet, before realizing the work and expense involved.

Generous sponsors include Domaine Bertaud Belieu rosé, Hublot, Haute Living and JetSmarter.

Black Jaguar White Tiger
Cubs at Black Jaguar White Tiger