Asian-Peruvian Hotspot DÔA Opens on Collins Avenue

DÔA Pork Belly Bun
DÔA Pork Belly Bun
Restaurateurs are finally addressing some holes in the Miami dining scene. Specifically, reasonably priced late-night options on in the Collins Park area of South Beach, in close proximity to hot spots Mynt, Mokai and Wall. Gone will be the days of having to brave a fluorescent-lit pizza (or pita) spot to get a bite after a long night of imbibing.  A bevy of new late-night restaurants are elevating after-hours dining. The one we are most excited about is DÔA.
DÔA is a sprawling 5,000-square-foot Asian-Peruvian restaurant which will be open nightly until 5 a.m. The eatery may itself be as much a place to eat after the party as it is a continuation of the party, as it will feature a live DJ and have a lounge area. DÔA will certainly kick off that way with what promises to be a celebrity-studded opening, just in time to feed the Art Basel set. The casual-but-hip spot is from the master mind behind Zuma, Coya, Le Petite Maison and The Arts Club, Arjun Waney. That means an emphasis on amazing food, service and atmosphere.
 DÔA, which means “The Door,” will be serving up a version of Asian cuisine specific to Peru they are calling LatAsian. Waney says it is “not Japanese, not Chinese, but Nikkei and Chifa,” Nikkei is a type of cuisine made popular in Peru by Japanese diaspora that has become its own delicious concoction. Chifa is the Chinese counterpart, a fusion of traditional Chinese techniques and Peruvian ingredients fused by immigrants, which is now so prevalent in Peru that it’s part of the national cuisine.
DÔA Chocolate Lucuma Fondant -
DÔA Chocolate Lucuma Fondant
For diners, this means steamed buns, dim sum, rice hot pots, ceviche, sushi and smoky skewered meats coming off a Japanese-style charcoal robata grill. Making things happen in the kitchen will be Carlos Estarita, an exceptional 24-year-old chef who has worked under Waney on the culinary team of Zuma Miami when it opened and most recently running the kitchen at Coya Miami. Estarita even trained with chef James Berckemeyer, a celebrity chef from Lima, Peru, who has cooked for the United Nations and President Obama. As a late-night eatery with a creative cocktail menu, drinks will play heavily in DÔA’s offerings. Naturally, there will be Pisco Sours, both classic and not, an apple & shiso mojito and many more to keep you going until closing time.
2000 Collins Avenue. Miami Beach, FL