A Haute Guide: Botox First-Timers


While some age gracefully, the vast majority of us don’t, which is why there’s no shame in reaching out for a little help. Face masks and wrinkle creams aren’t always enough to maintain that youthful glow, so botox tends to be a fitting next step. Plastic surgeon and Haute Beauty expert Dr. Dilip Madnani gives us all the information needed for a successful first botox session.

Botox consists of a variety of products that paralyze muscles in order to decease the appearance of lines and wrinkles, Madnani says. It is primarily injected between and outside of the eye area, on the forehead and around the lips. Prior to injection, an ice pack may be used to cool the area and help ease the pain. Madnani applies a numbing cream 15 minutes prior to the injection if needed, which helps with over-all comfort. Although it may still be slightly nerve-racking, Madnani assures that patients generally tolerate the treatment extremely well.

The treatment will last anywhere from three to six months, so if you’re searching for a more permanent option, botox might not cater to your desires. But still, if you’re a botox first-timer, you might find this more comforting, as all side effects (good and bad) will be gone within this time period, Madnani says. Botox provides a temporary solution to patients who aren’t ready to commit to a more intense option.

Results are initially seen after a few days and will be maximized within two weeks. After those two weeks, a follow-up appointment will help reassess whether the botox has properly treated the area of concern, Madnani says. Depending on your facial muscles, you might need additional botox to further treat the areas.

With little pain and a minimal recovery time, botox proves to be a quick, convenient and effective tool for those wanting to turn back the clock a few years.