Thermi250: Why You Need To Know More

shutterstock_148911587Skin Laxity happens as we age regardless of how much we exercise or how stable our weight remains. The sad truth is that no matter what we do, right around age 50 our skin will lose elasticity and begin to sag.

Until recently, there was little one could do about sagging skin without going under the knife, but we are the lucky ones to be aging at a time when noninvasive beauty options are being introduced often. One of the best procedures for sagging skin we have ever seen also happens to be one of the most noninvasive procedures we have ever experienced.

Say hello to Thermi250.

This radio frequency treatment delivers heat to the dermis, which stimulates the production of new collagen. When the thermal energy penetrates the tissue, collagen contracts (tightens), encouraging collagen growth and the rejuvenation of the skin’s structure.

Sound interesting? We though so too, so we asked Dr. Jame Heskett from NYC’s The Wellpath to let us try it.

For Sagging Skin

We wanted to see of Thermi250 could firm our neck area, which was beginning to show its age. The protocol that Dr. Heskett set out for us was four to six sessions, 20 minutes each, spaced two or three weeks apart.

The sessions themselves are so comfortable; we had a difficult time believing that anything was really happening. It starts with coconut oil, which is smoothed over the skin to be treated. The machine was turned on, a grounding pad placed on my back as I reclined, then the handset of the device was glided over the surface of my skin in a slow, consistent motion. At first it feels hot, but does not burn, then the body acclimates and the heating becomes comfortable.

That’s it. After the treatment, the skin around my neck was a little warm to touch and slightly red, but was fine (smooth and lovely, actually, thanks to the coconut oil) and no one was able to tell that anything was done. The skin seemed slightly tighter, but nothing to write home about. The real results started to show after the third session. My jawline was tighter and the skin smoother.

Just to be clear: Get what feels like a hot stone massage, and end up with skin that is noticeably tighter.

And what the Thermi250 machine can do goes way beyond treating a little turkey neck. There are different sized applicator tips, which determine how deeply the radio frequency can penetrate. Where can you use Thermi250?

  • Diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and mouth
    Reduce eyelid laxity
    Smooth wrinkled skin around hope, stomach, knees and upper legs

Fat Destruction

The same technology can be used to destroy fat cells, all that is needed is a larger applicator tip snapped onto the machine. Thermi causes apoptosis to the fat call, which is a fancy name for cell death. Therefore there is no maintenance, just keep your weight down. Four to six 20-minute treatments are necessary to see results.


Childbirth and the natural aging process cause changes, which may affect feminine wellness. A particularly strenuous vaginal childbirth, multiple births and the effects of menopause can cause physical changes that can reduce sensation, dryness and cause incontinence.

The radiofrequency delivered during a ThermiVa session increases blood circulation, improves vaginal moisture, improves sensation, lifts the pubocervical fascia for urinary incontinence, and lifts and tightens the external female anatomy, all without going under the knife.

NYC-based ladies, do yourself a favor and reach out to The Wellpath and request a consultation for Thermi250, it might be the only procedure you need to keep looking and feeling young for years to come.