Packing In Style: The Raden A22

Tech lovers and jetsetters, we have a new travel toy that you are going to love.
Raden-blue-lilac-pink-luggageWe all know that when traveling, even when it’s first class, things happen. Losing your luggage can spell vacation disaster, while fighting over power outlets in the airport lounge isn’t any fun at all.

The answer to both these issues (and a couple of others as well) comes in a single sleek and gorgeous suitcase from Raden.
a22-carry-mood-1-black-glossTech savvy and beautiful to boot, the Raden cases feature two USB outlets you can use to charge mobile devices on the exterior of the suitcase, as well a built-in weight sensor and GEO locating that connects to your phone via the Raden app.
hero-phoneWe tested the A22, which has a nifty zipper with water-resistant flap: Light rain didn’t leak into the bag. Even a heavy rain didn’t damage the USB charging ports on the back of the bag, which worked just fine once they dried out.
If you are in the habit of packing too much and incurring extra charges at the airport, the weight sensor in the suitcase’s handle allows you to weigh your luggage via the app. You just lift up and look at the companion app for the measurement; the app can even tell you if you’re nearing the limit for whatever airline you’re flying.

Then there are the two USB ports for charging your devices, which are powered by a removable battery that’s integrated into the interior of the suitcase. (That way you can charge up your devices without the luggage, and it also means you don’t have to plug the suitcase into the wall.) Finally, a Bluetooth radio in the suitcase connects to the Raden app and tells you when you’ve left your luggage behind, or where the suitcase is if you’ve lost it.

The “A Series” suitcase comes in two sizes (one for carry-on and one for checking), and seven colors (the expected black and white, as well as navy, hunter green, baby blue, lavender and light pink). You can purchase online, but first why not visit Raden’s pop-up shop in Manhattan’s SoHo district to get the whole, luxe experience.