NYC Summers Will Be No Sweat Thanks To MiraDry


Amongst the amazing things that summer in New York City signifies, it also means that just a short walk can lead to a serious sweat. Lucky for you, you now have an alternative to applying over-the-counter odor eliminators every few minutes. A new device known as miraDry has adopted an innovative technology that targets and destroys the sweat glands and odor producing cells in your underarms. The procedure, done by Dr.Shridharani permanently stops underarm sweating and odor from forming. Once the sweat and odor glands are destroyed, they do not grow back. You’ll never have to worry about the summer sweats ever again!

Let’s think about the benefits beyond the obvious elimination of odor and sweat from your life. It also means you won’t have to use any more harsh chemicals found in antiperspirants that end up essentially only masking odor. Gone are the days when you racked up expensive dry cleaning bills for shirts and blouses with under arm stains, and never toss another work shirt because of that strange firmness from repeated deodorant use. Imagine no more excess odor when at the gym, or having to worry about that sweat anxiety that comes with going on a first date. You’ll seriously never have to ruin another black top again with white deodorant residue.

“This is an incredible procedure for my patients who are all about a better quality of life. Not having to worry about applying antiperspirants/deodorants (harsh chemicals) daily is a game changer. Not sweating from your axilla and creating odor from your underarms changes what you wear and improves confidence to do what you want that day without being unsure of doing simple things like raising your hand, hailing a cab, or sitting outside to enjoy a meal,” says Dr.Shridharani.

You might be wondering if it is safe to eliminate natural sweat from your underarms? Sweating is our body’s natural response to overheating and anxiety, and is a release of that heat to allow your body to cool down. Your underarms only house 1-2% of the total sweat glands in your body, and with miraDry you can expect a more even distribution of sweating with no increased perspiration from any other particular areas of your body.

With summer just beginning, there is no better time than now to free yourself of a season full of sweat. You will see results immediately after the miraDry procedure, which can be done at Luxurgery in New York City.

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