What’s Inside This New York Inspired Art Deco Superyacht?

The Pho
The Phoenix² Photography by WInch Design via Architectural Digest

New York has been the source of inspiration for many incredible projects. From movies to poetry and art, it was only a matter of time before New York became the inspiration for something slightly larger. Something likes a 295-foot mega-yacht, perhaps.

Architectural Digest went behind-the-scenes with Andrew Winch of Winch Designs to scope out the New York inspired Phoenix² yacht. Winch was able to draw inspiration from the city’s most iconic landmarks like the Chrysler Building and Radio City Music Hall to curate a style that was as much Art Deco as it was New York. The yacht’s anonymous owner has now commissioned Winch Designs for the second time, the first being for the original 197-foot Phoenix in 2004.

The moment you lay eyes on Phoenix² you know that it is no ordinary vessel. The inside however, is as or if not more impressive than the grandiose exterior. The entryway alone possesses a five-ton, 18-foot figurehead of a phoenix. Andrew Winch told Architectural Digest, “The owner is drawn to the power and charisma of New York’s skyscrapers… “He wanted the bow of the yacht to include a phoenix because, metaphorically, the phoenix rises to soaring heights much as skyscrapers do.”

Beyond tasteful Art Deco accents, the Phoenix² has a whole host of haute amenities. Inside the building-sized boat you can expect to encounter a private office, Jacuzzi, numerous bedrooms and a private suite with 180-degree views of the sea. “Each section of space, from the dining room to the stairwells, needed to meet a high level of expectations,” says Winch to Architectural Digest. Yet again, Winch Designs was able to bring a little flare of the 1920s back in a big way.

The Phoenix² Photography by WInch Design via Architectural Digest
The Phoenix² Photography by WInch Design via Architectural Digest