Sunday Reads: A Day in the Life of Philip Goldfarb


Few chief operating officers live and breathe their company as fully as Philip Goldfarb. In addition to decades of hospitality industry experience, Goldfarb actually lived in the Fontainebleau hotel for two years of his 13-year tenure with its parent company, Turnberry Associates. That means Goldfarb knows every inch of the hotel’s 22-acre property better than just about anyone. He is the man responsible for bringing back music to the hotel via the BleauLive series and he knows what makes the place tick. Here’s how the COO spends his days at the iconic Miami Beach hotel (hint: He enjoys the hotel’s nine restaurants, gym and spa almost as much as its 5,000 daily guests and visitors).

6:55AM: I get up at this time because I’m a news junkie and must turn on the 7 a.m. news, so while I’m preparing for the day, getting showered, shaved and dressed, I watch the news so I’m up to speed when I come to the office.

9AM: When I arrive at the hotel, I go to Chez Bon Bon and have a cup of our house-blended coffee or a good tea with Steve Tallent, a great gentlemen who owns a unit here at the hotel. We talk about current events, finance and politics… whatever is in the news.

9:30AM: We have an executive team meeting on Mondays and Fridays. I get updates from all of the departments: rooms, F&B, spa and the nightclub. I get to read the reports of what happened in the nightclubs the night before. LIV closes at 5 a.m., so here I am reading it four hours later. What fun experiences our guests have.

10:30AM: We review our social media and TripAdvisor every day. I know what happens in the food and beverage outlets, the spa and LIV. Those results are very crucial to us, and we respond to every single comment. Sometimes the guests are still in the hotel, so we can knock on their door, send them a note or send them something.