Britain’s Most Expensive Estate Publicly On the Market

Shot from Google Earth
Shot from Google Earth

Britain is consistently ranked as one of the most expensive countries to buy real estate. The nation holds some of the world’s most affluent properties. Adding to Britain’s repertoire of exclusive estates is Hackwood Park House near Basingstoke, Hampshire. It is officially the country’s most expensive estate publicly on the market.

The 260-acre mega mansion holds a staggering 24 bedrooms and 30 bathrooms. So how much is all of that land worth? It was put on the market with a price tag of over £65 million. Beyond the seemingly limitless space, the home comes equipped with a Grade II listed stable, four cottages, deer park, and Grade I listed ancient woodland. Just your average every day amenities.

The house itself was built in 1680 and has a long lineage of regal tenants. According to The Daily Mail, the mansion has been lived in by publishing tycoon Viscount Camrose, William Berry. The second Viscount Camrose to live in the home was John Berry who passed it on to his wife and mother of Aga Khan, Lady Camrose. She was the last tenant at Hackwood Park House until her death in 1997.

Savills who currently hold the property listing describe, “This historic house has been painstakingly restored to its nineteenth century grandeur complete with original detailing and craftsmanship. Whilst infinitely beautiful and grand it readily fulfils its function as a home for entertaining; easily accommodating family, guests and staff. It is skilfully designed for a life with service, having numerous staircases and ancillary rooms to allow staff to discreetly pass between family and entertaining areas.”

Of all the ways you could spend £65 million, this has to be the wisest. It is always sensible to invest in real estate, and if you’re going to invest, you should invest in the best.

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