This London Houseboat Could Be Yours For £1.3 Million


The London real estate market just got a lot more interesting. While you may not have pictured your lavish London life to be lived on a boat, you are probably going to reconsider. The latest property to hit the market is the nearly 100ft Monarch houseboat, and here is why you need to know about it.

The Monarch can currently be found posted up at Prospect Quay. This is ideal since you will be able to use the connecting residential development’s world-class pool and gym, no big deal. Within the luxurious houseboat you will find two floors of fully furnished happiness. The upper level boasts a large open-plan living area and state-of-the-art kitchen. Downstairs you will find three double bedrooms, one of which is equipped with an en suite shower room. Of course, there is a little extra room for whatever hobby you’ve recently collected.

This haute houseboat is being sold by Riverhomes. The firm suggests that a property with the similar space on land would run you three times the price of this one on water.

Nigel Day, Riverhomes’s houseboat expert told The Standard, “The price reflects the fact that it has an indefinite mooring. Most houseboats have a one to five year mooring. The houseboat owners at this pier each own a part of the mooring and so are not only subject to a landlord’s price rises but group together to share maintenance costs. Even if the owners choose to sell the boat itself, they can moor another boat at that berth. It’s the marine equivalent of a shared freehold.”

The Monarch will cost you a cool £1.3 million. Not bad for a luxury 100ft-long boat, especially when you know it’ll be the coolest pad amongst your peers.

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