The Queen Of England’s Former Bentley Is On Sale For £200,000


If anything is good enough for the Queen of England, it’s good enough for us too. For the past few years the Queen’s vehicle of choice was The Bentley Mulsanne. In true royal fashion, she simply couldn’t keep the same car for too long. The Bentley became the Queen’s exclusive ride during Diamond Jubilee celebrations back in 2012, and chaperoned royalty throughout Britain for the next two years.

Just a mere four years later, the vehicle has come up for sale by Surrey dealership, Bramley Motor Cars at a £199,850 price tag. So what the Queen’s noble steed look like? Well for starters, it is equipped with beige leather interiors, automatic air conditioning, 21-inch alloy wheels and a 6.75-litre, 500bhp saloon. This is complemented by low mileage (5826 miles) and walnut burr finished vanity mirrors, door panels and picnic tables.

Auto Trader’s Karolina Edwards-Smajda said: “What makes this Bentley particularly stand-out is that it was reserved exclusively for use by her Majesty and it has gone on sale in the year the Queen celebrates her 90th Birthday.”

This regal Bentley Mulsanne comes in a rare shad of Barnato Green, named after the 1920s British racing driver Woolf Barnato. It just keeps getting better. The only thing you might be missing out on is the removed bulletproof glass and armored plates. Let’s just hope you’re not the kind of person who requires protection from bulletproof glass and armored plates.

After it let the Queen’s fleet in 2014 it was collected by Simon Gregg who says, “This was a real find for two reasons: firstly, cars used by the Queen rarely come to the market, and also I am a huge fan of her.
“This car was used to transport her on numerous occasions throughout her Jubilee year, including to the Cabinet meeting at Downing Street and on the day of her Jubilee celebrations in London.”