Haute Secrets: LDV Honcho John Meadow Curates NYC

resizeJCM-1John Meadow always looks like he just stepped out of the pages of Uomo Vogue, but no, he’s not a Milanese industrialist or Roman prince, but rather the founder and president of the LDV Hospitality, a fast-growing hospitality company based in New York. His increasingly far-flung empire now includes some 27 restaurants, nightspots, and caffes, ranging from New York (American Cut, Scarpetta) and the Hamptons (The Beach Club) to Aspen (Rec Room) and Puerto Rico (Corso Coffee and American Cut). Although raised in Connecticut, Meadow is a fervent Italophile—LDV, the name of his company, stands for La Dolce Vita—a passion he attributes to his grandfather, Giorgio Cavaglieri, a noted historical preservation architect, and his extensive Italian travels.

Where were you born:
In a town in the Napa Valley

How long in New York:
22 years

In your current position:
10 years

Favorite neighborhood:
Upper West Side because it’s home

Favorite restaurants:
After ours—Il Buco and La Esquina

Best French restaurant:
Le Bernadin

Best Italian restaurant:
Other than our Scarpetta, Esca

Best dessert in the city:
Deal Closer at the Standard

Best bar:
My old-time favorite is Black Door

Best Sunday brunch:

Best place for a ”power” business meeting:
Casa Lever

Hotel recommendation for out-of-town guests:
Gramercy Park Hotel

Favorite places for suits:
Duca Satoria, Max Girombelli

Favorite places for shirts:
Duca Satoria, Max Girombelli

Favorite place for shoes:
Leffot in the West Village

Best Pizza:

Best workout:
Central Park runs

Night-on-the-town favorite:
Rose Bar

Best museum/exhibit:
MOMA’s standing collection of modernist painters. Picasso is my favorite.

Favorite historic/legendary place to see or explore:
Belvedere Castle in Central Park

Favorite “out of the way” city spot to relax/reflect:
Russian and Turkish Baths in the East Village

Best aspect of New York:
The cultural mix and ethnic food

Favorite charity:
JDRF Diabetes Foundation

The secret to your success?
Determination to realize dreams while surrounding yourself with good people.