A Sneak Peek into Nancy Gonzalez’s Pre-Fall and Fall 2016 Collection


Exotic bags have always been an epitome of luxury and style and Nancy Gonzalez’ luxurious handbags are known for their distinct color palette and elegant design, many of which are now considered classics. Gonzalez bags are sold all over the world and graced the arms of many celebrities and fashion icons.


It was a long time friendship between Neiman Marcus’s personal shopping manager, James Krohn, and the president and creative director of Nancy Gonzalez, Santiago Gonzalez, that made it possible for San Francisco’s fashionistas to get a sneak peek at the upcoming pre-fall and fall 2016 collection. Neiman Marcus showcased quite a variety of exotic skin clutches, which colors were personally chosen by Krohn, and are available exclusively to the San Francisco store.


Having a handbag obsession, I could not help but start my wish-list the minute I walked into beautifully decorated private lunch room at Rotunda Neiman Marcus. Eye-catching colorful designs and a fabulous personal appearance of Santiago Gonzalez, the son of the famed designer, made the afternoon fashionably fun. Following a tasteful lunch, I sat with Mr. Gonzalez for a small chat to hear the “voice” of this fantastic luxury brand.


HL: What does word “luxury” mean to you?
SG: Luxury is not a product. The biggest luxuries in the world are intangible. The Choice, the Freedom and Time.

HL: How was growing up with such a glamorous, beautiful and stylish lady, Nancy Gonzalez, as your mother?
SG: It was very privileged. My mother is the most true original, and she is known for that, more so than her glamour. The real style is not subjected to taste or fashion. She has fantastic style because she is completely original and she doesn’t do things to satisfy anybody else but herself. That most people seemed normal or what fashion trends were at that time were not applicable to the way she raised us (Santiago has a sister). That my mother seemed normal was not usually the norm. She has very refine taste. I think what she taught us the most is what we should do things for ourselves, we should not be doing things to satisfy other people. Even if we do something good for other people we should not be expecting a response from the other person, we should not be expecting a “thank you” even, if we are kind to somebody, we should do it for ourselves. If we are generous to somebody, it should be enough to satisfy us what we did it. It should not be us expecting anything in return, and that goes to fashion and to style. It should always be original to satisfy yourself.

She taught us in a very young age to have our own sense of style, our own sense of discovery, having hobbies that we like ourselves, and not the hobbies that were popular at school; and to develop into unique individuals; that we were not a part of any group or segment.


HL: Nancy Gonzales brand is being sold in many countries. Which country is your biggest achievement?
SG: The biggest market for us is United States


HL: Have you ever considered the shoe line?
SG: Shoes are coming very soon. It’s almost done.


HL: How many colors does brand have and what color is your favorite?
SG: We have 350 colors. I am greedy (he smiles). I like all the colors. Why should I chose when I can have them all?!


HL: You reside in New York and Paris. Where can we run into you? How do you spend your limited free time?
SG: I like Galleries. In New York you can find me at Gagosian Gallery, David Zwirner Gallery. Paris – Galerie Chantal Crousel, Galerie Kreo for design, VNH Gallery for art. I spend most of my time in the galleries.


HL: How would you describe yourself in one word? Lets say: I am …
SG: I am #curiuos. Damien Hirst said something what I love: “I want to spend the rest of my life everywhere, with everyone, one to one, always, forever, now”

Nancy Gonzalez is available at Neiman Marcus
150 Stockton street,
San Francisco, CA 94108