Pro Tips From Ludovic Engrand: Shu Uemera’s Makeup Maestro


Ludovic Engrand has been working as the head makeup artist for Japanese brand Shu Uemura for 10 years. He has worked with incredible brands through his 23 year career as a makeup artist. He is the second most sought after makeup-artist in France. We had the pleasure of interviewing him in the middle of his very busy Fashion Week schedule to get some insider information on his favorite trends in beauty, the must have’s for all women and the few things every woman must do before leaving the house!

What is your favorite makeup trend?


LE: I must say that I love the nude face and red lip look. Nothing else but red lips. I would put a little foundation but no mascara, just curl the eyelashes to open up the eyes, I would brush the eyebrows but no eyeshadow and just a beautiful red lip. I also love the glowing skin. We have a product called Skin Perfecter – an oil based, mega makeup base. It’s very unique. Who would think to put oil on your skin before applying makeup? This you would normally apply after your moisturizer, but it gives this glow to your skin that is crazy and I am so obsessed with glow. The luminosity and transparency is great. That trend is something that I really really love.


LE: Another trend comes from Asia, it’s very popular in Tokyo I call it the “Pink Tear,” it’s actually when you put blush on the boarder of the lower lashes. The Blush starts from the lash line, basically where you would put your concealer. It’s so nice, Tokyo girls are all wearing their blush like that. Very angelic.


LE: I am also crazy about freckles. I draw them on with a chestnut colored pencil. I also love the inside corner of the eye, with something white, something metallic.

Any makeup trends you dislike?
LE: Artificial is dreadful. Really, I hope this is going to stop. The contouring, you know what? People ask me about it and I say I don’t know what it is, I don’t want to know. For me it’s for the theater, it’s not real life. Those girls are playing a role, in front of a camera all day long, it’s why they wear the thick theatrical makeup.


What makeup trends are on the runways?
LE: On the runway they want nothing. They want very soft, very natural. I was in a fitting today for 3 Hong Kong designers – the looks are quite crazy but complexion must be super natural, really bare. Maybe color on the eye, but no lips, no mascara, no eyebrows, just a focus on the eye to match the concept of the collection.

What must every woman have in her purse?
LE: A brush for your eyebrows, never leave the house without brushing your eyebrows. I would put Skin Perfecter, which will give the skin this beautiful glow. And Probably I would say a red lipstick because again, I’m obsessed with that. I’m not a big fan of mascara. I would not put any eyeshadow in the purse but I would put an eyelash curler. You don’t need anything else.

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Makeup suggestions for women?
LE: Always brush the eyebrows. Clear your eyes with a drop of Visine, I always do that. Always apply a lip balm. Always curl your lashes, that opens the eyes and really makes such a difference. I’ve actually started using a concealer pencil inside the eyes, to get rid of the redness on the inside of the eyes, the water line. I love creamy blush and we have a product called Tint in Gelato, a creamy blush that you put on your cheek and it looks so natural, no streaks. It’s for the lips but I don’t like it on the lips, I only use it on the cheeks.