Pro Tips: Finding True Love With ‘The Psychic Matchmaker’ Deborah Graham


From curious teenagers to 50 year-old hopeless romantics, people everywhere are dying to know the outcome of their love life. Enter celebrity psychic Deborah Graham: relationship expert, the star of TLC’s The Psychic Matchmaker and now author of the recently-released “Get Your Head Out of Your App.”

Fresh off the month of love, we took a moment to catch up with the clairvoyant herself to find out all about her powers, her book, and her spiritual secret for finding true love.

When did you discover your psychic power?
I am a third-generation-born psychic. I had my earliest premonitions when I was six years old, which later manifested as visions. I was able to see things beyond the normal person when I’d meet or even simply pass someone – and I could read their thoughts and emotions without even knowing them. I learned to understand the meanings of what I could see and began using my abilities to help those around me in all matters of life and love.

How do you use your psychic abilities to help others find love?
When it comes to love, it’s all about finding the perfect connection. That connection is a subconscious link that lives inside a person’s soul. I work to discover that bond and form relationships based on more than what’s on the outside. I match my clients through my ever-growing “date-a-base,” and have a proven system and program that works both to identify a compatible energy in another person, and create a secure experience that improves the overall development of a fruitful and long-lasting relationship.

Tell us about your book. What inspired you to write it?
My clients come to me all the time to ask if they’ve found the right one, or how they can find that person. Because of that, within the book, I created a manual of tips, guidelines, tried-and-true relationship rules and first-person narratives guiding them through finding and keeping love in our disconnected world. The computer age has advanced us to new levels, but it has hampered human connection. My book helps them navigate through text messages and emoticons to truly connect with their perfect match on a soul-to-soul level.

When you first meet someone new, what do you try to read from them?
I don’t look at people, I look inside them. By tapping into one’s energy and reading their aura to see what they want and need in life, I’m able to read their compatible energies and help them connect to their own soul. I then give them what I like to call a “spiritual enema” so they can clear what they no longer need in life and move forward, whole and complete, and ready for the opportunity to connect in a relationship that will last a lifetime.

In your professional opinion, what are the top three things single people are doing today that get in the way of their quest for love? First, they’re avid texters; they text way too much, which allows a lot to get lost in translation and keeps them from maintaining a direct, personal connection. Second, they want a quick fix. They want instant satisfaction and gratification, and they don’t want to wait for a relationship to organically happen and mature. Finally, they get distracted by having too many choices available to them and not focusing on what it is they really want.

Between your TV show, book, and your unique gift, you’ve had an incredible career so far.  What is one thing all of your success has taught you?
It’s important to be grounded, authentic and to believe that anything you want you can create and make happen. When explaining my gift, it’s not always immediately embraced, because the science behind it is not easily conveyed. That said, I’m grateful to TLC, HCI and others who have provided me with a platform to explain my craft, stay authentic and continue to help people be their best selves as we all continue to evolve. 

What is the secret to finding true, lasting love?
Trust, honesty and having confidence in yourself, your partner and your relationship.

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