5 Essential Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Products You Need Now


How do we love Charlotte Tilbury? Let us count the ways—and the beauty products. The British makeup artist is responsible for creating a line of essentials beloved by everyone from Kate Moss and Rihanna to Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez. Here, we review some of Charlotte’s new products as well as some fan favorites.

Film Star Bronze and Glow
Film Star Bronze and Glow

Filmstar Bronze & Glow Face Sculpt & Highlight is the perfect blend of pearl and golden pigments to define your features and impart a candlelit glow. The Sculpt bronzer adds buildable definition along the lower cheek, jawline and sides of the nose while Highlight illuminates the top of cheekbones, bridge of the nose, eye orbital area and cupid’s bow. Haute tip: apply Sculpt to the areas you want to slim and define, such as the hollows of your cheeks, temples, jawline and the sides and tip of your nose. Apply Highlight to areas you wish to illuminate with candlelit glow, such as the top of your cheek bones, down the center of the nose, your lip’s cupid’s bow and your brow bone.

Available at Nordstom, $68 

Magic Night Cream
Magic Night Rescue Cream

The Magic Night Rescue Cream is going to save your skin while you sleep. This anti-aging, youth-boosting wonder cream-elixir is made of a winter Daphne stem cell extract helps to improve the binding of skin cells to mimic the skin’s natural structure for a more youthful-looking, firmer-feeling complexion, time-released retinol helps boost the rejuvenation of skin cells and may increase collagen so skin looks younger and more radiant, red algae marigel, which is rich in Calcium and Magnesium, for smooth, soft skin with a protective barrier against environmental and aging damage, bionymph peptide to stimulate collagen production, fight free radicals, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and boost skin elasticity, olus oil to give the cream-elixir its soft, velvety touch and rich texture, vitamin E and caster seed oil. Haute tip: this cream is heavy, so make sure to gently massage into your skin for a few minutes before bedtime for optimal results.

Available at CharlotteTilbury.com, $145 

Light Wonder' Youth-Boosting Perfect Skin Foundation
Light Wonder’ Youth-Boosting Perfect Skin Foundation

If you’re not a gal who needs full coverage, you’re going to love this light-weight foundation that illuminates, smooths, hydrates, minimizes pores and reduces wrinkles for perfect skin. A pool of youth-boosting actives help give you a gorgeous baby-skin effect, smoothing and evening out tone. Its formula lasts for up to 18 hours while stimulating epidermal renewal by kick-starting collagen production, delaying the onset of wrinkles and creating the perfect makeup base. It also includes SPF 15 to help protect your skin from damage. This is best applied with a foundation brush. Start by blending it into your skin from the middle outward, creating a daytime, tinted-moisturizer look. For evening, carry out the same application but pat onto areas where you need extra coverage. In the summer, you can extend the multiple uses of your foundation to your body to even out imperfections.

Available at Nordstrom, $45 

Full Fat Lashes
Full Fat Lashes

Charlotte’s Full Fat Lashes might just be the best glamorous mascara we’ve ever used. Applying this is like applying false lashes, with a minimal amount of work. The multitasker curls, separates, lengthens and dramatizes lashes in a single stroke thanks to a five-groove brush deposits the optimal amount of mascara along your lash line, pushing lashes up and out with each stroke. Fine-tipped bristles catch every lash no matter how small or fine, while the glossy formula creates voluptuous, three-dimensional flutter. Haute tip: starting from the inner corner and working across, zigzag the brush upward from root to tip to curl and separate lashes. At the outer corner, pull the brush up and out to lengthen lashes. For added volume, nestle the tip of the brush into the roots and brush upward. Repeat with your bottom lashes for added drama.

Available at Nordstrom, $29 

The Retoucher
The Retoucher

The Retoucher is a conceal and treat stick inspired by a professional photographer’s magic retoucher pen, that will literally make dark circles and imperfections disappear with the click of the pen. Thanks to a hydrating complex, your skin is kept plumped and moisturized for a natural, luminous finish while a black tea derivative rich in vitamins fills in hollowed-out skin grooves, creating a smooth, seamless surface. Use by twisting up the end of The Retoucher and applying a small amount of concealer directly onto your imperfection. Pat the concealer into the targeted area with your ring finger as it has the lightest touch.

Available at Nordstrom, $35