Introducing The Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex and The EMC Time-Hunter Watches

Exploring challenging, futuristic fantasies has become one of the most dynamic sectors of the watch industry, and the elite coterie of artisan-creators at Urwerk have risen to the occasion. At the Carré des Horlogers in SIHH, Urwerk launched two brand new timepieces – the UR-105 T-Rex and EMC Time-Hunter.

UR-105 T-Rex

The course is set for this unique satellite watch. A single hours pointer indicates the time, highlighting the path of the sun from sunrise to sunset, traveling from east to west.

The case of UR-105 T-Rex is made of hand-patinated bronze with a ribbed pattern depicting the scales of certain reptiles, while the caseback is in black PVD titanium. “We performed a number of different trials before confirming the exact shape of our bronze case. We wanted to achieve the perfect patina. Each model is treated as one-of-a-kind piece of art. It is decorated, beadblasted, micro-sandblasted, purified and then oxidized with a brush”, explained Felix Baumgartner, master-watchmaker and co-founder of URWERK.
Urwerk-UR-105-T-Rex-Wacth-2016-FaceA new addition to the UR-105 family, the watch is powered by the automatic winding caliber 5.02 UR regulated by a double turbine. On the caseback, the ‘FULL’ position indicates the watch is in automatic winding mode, whereas in ‘STOP’ mode, the watch can be hand-wound via the crown. Retailing at USD 68,000, it’s definitely a cool timepiece for the undaunted.

EMC Time-Hunter


Fully mechanical, the EMC Time-Hunter uses electronically enhanced indicators.

A dream watch for those who desire accuracy, the EMC allows the wearer to keep track of how many seconds the watch gains or loses in a week (or month). This concept of interactivity allows the EMC to be as precise as possible for a specific wearer’s lifestyle and even allows it to adapt with any changes to the wearer’s activities, whether it be work or recreation.
Urwerk-EMC-Time-Hunter-Watch-2016-Two-ModelsThe caseback shows off the in-house UR-EMC2 caliber. Launched in two limited editions of 15 pieces each, the watch can be enjoyed in natural titanium and steel, or in another version of a military green ceramic-coated titanium and steel case. One can only feel pride with either model on their wrist, priced at USD 120,000 each.