Inside NYC’s Renwick Hotel: An Artistic Haven

Steps away from Grand Central Station in Manhattan’s midtown, The Renwick, a new 173-room hotel, featuring 33 custom suites, has officially opened its doors.

Quaint yet avant-garde in red brick and modern industrial steel, The Renwick’s design celebrates literary legends and art world icons alike. The product of an exciting partnership between Interstate Hotels & Resorts, hotel Asset Value Enhancement and Meadow Partners, The Renwick offers a fresh take on timeless luxury, giving New York tourists a twist of artistic adventure in a city-centric setting. The hotel’s restaurant, Bedford & Co. is John DeLucie’s first solo restaurant and offers a variety of fine new American cuisine, going perfectly with the hotel’s young hip feel.

“The Renwick is an artfully curated hospitality experience that caters to the most discerning of travelers and locals,” said David Israel, Senior Vice President of hotelAVE. “We’re excited to bring back the creative spirit of the building’s past through each detail of the property and launch a new lifestyle luxury hotel that brings to life the new soul of classic New York.”


The original building in which the new hotel is built, was a home for sheltering artists, intellectuals and noted authors in 1928. Legends that often resided there were F. Scott Fitzgerald, Thomas Mann, and John Steinbeck. An icon in every one of them, The Renwick takes inspiration from the creativity of these former residents. The masterpieces created by these legends leaves a lasting influence on the artistic community, and was the inspiration for many of the elements found within the Renwick’s rooms and suites.


Made to make an artist feel at home, the property’s innovative suites feature custom-furnishings made to reference items found in an artist’s studio such as easel-inspired television stands, desks referencing an artist’s work bench, nightstands mimicking flat file cabinets and a patterned carpet that seems so be splattered with paint. The color is minimalist, city-chic and bold, while the design is experimental and always exciting.
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The Renwick is not only an artfully adorned hotel targeting the young hip community, it defines a lifestyle, one that is prominent in New York and dying to be recognized. Showing work exclusively made for the hotel by 19 local New York artists, it is a haven for art lovers and experimental souls.